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This calls for a heartfelt shout out: Happy Reading Danielle!


Fun! I can't think of anything more perfect for you. Happy reading!


Oooh! Pretty! I had been hesitating over whether to treat myself to this set, but decided I already had too much reading lined up through the end of the year. But if it pans out well for you, I may consider a set next year


I can't wait to open my box of stories. I have safely stored them back in the original parcel they came in so I won't be tempted before hand! ;)


I know--this is my early holiday treat to myself! I wonder what great stories are waiting for me...


Isn't it lovely? I was so excited when I saw the box sitting and waiting for me. They have it packaged just so you can't see what is inside! I know all about having reading lined up....I have my own list as well. I am hoping this will still be manageable. And I will let you know how it turns out--I see this is at least the second year they have done this. It is a bit of a splurge, but I think it will be well worth it.


Delightful run-up to Christmas! And less fattening than one of those chocolate-a-day Advent calendars :).


What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season! I can't wait to hear what wonderful stories you'll find - you'll have to keep us posted!


Well, I still wouldn't mind one of those chocolate calendars, too! ;) But the stories will be fun and I can't wait to rip the plastic off the box!


Isn't it? They had a great idea with the short stories. I wonder if they were all written specially for this or are collected from other anthologies or story collections-I will soon find out. And yes, I plan on posting my progress!

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