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If you didn't have still over a 1000 pages to go I would suggest - if you haven't done so already- to read some Rumi or Hafiz next to A Suitable Boy. They both wrote Ghazals and they are both exquisitely good.
Your wondering about Lata is making me curious as well. Hope she will re-appear soon.


Maybe I could just dip into Rumi or Hafiz--I was looking up Ghazals and they do sound really interesting. There is so much to this story, so many interesting details-I think you could spend a whole year studying it! I hope Lata returns next section--I am getting closer to starting part seven and so will soon find out.


Don't worry about being a bit off your schedule! Things happen and you keep reading and it is all good. What matters most is you are enjoying the book so much.


It's not a big deal--I just don't want it ever to sit too long unattended and then it will begin to languish! But now I am finally finished with section six and yay, Lata indeed makes an appearance straight away in the next section!

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