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I read Frost in May as a teenager and for some reason haven't picked up anything by Antonia White since. I'll rectify that soon!


Sometimes no matter how good a series is, you have to take a break even if the break lasts longer than planned! Glad it all turned out so well and you like them all so much :)


She is wonderful and I would love to pick up that collection of stories by her. I thought of it when I finished the last of these books, but it was heavy-ish reading at the time and I think I needed something different. But someday I expect I will reread these as well.


But I managed to get through them all at last, so it's all good, right? She is a great writer and the books are well worth reading--and someday I hope to revisit them as well. Maybe the short stories will be next up. I have to think about a new collection for the new year in any case.


Guy mentioned Frost in May on my Kate O'Brien post. It sounds like I would enjoy her novels very much.
I dint think I could read one after the other although it would probably be fascinating.


Did he like it? Or did he just mention it in passing. It is very much worth reading if you get a chance--I think you would like it. I am not sure I would try and tackle them one right after another--maybe now knowing what I would be getting into. But they are not necessarily light, airy reads.


He liked it a great deal.


That's good to hear--I thought it was so good and would hate to think he was disappointed by it--crazy how that goes when you love a book you want everyone else to love it, too!


I know. I'm like that as well.

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