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What fun this sounds! Not only a crush on the detective, but a lovely escape to Italy on top of it (even if it is Mussolini's Italy). Are you going to be able to wait until 2017 to pick up the next book or will it "accidentally" fall open before the end of the year? ;)


I love the sound of this. It's going on my list.


I'm glad that you like this and you will be pleased to know that all the following books are every bit as good!
As for Ricciardi and Enrica will have to read on and find out!


These books are so good! This summer I also read the author's Bastards of Pizzofalcone books and they are good too, in a different way - less moody, more gritty.


I did enjoy this very much! And the book was quite descriptive and atmospheric. Even if it was Mussolini's Italy--it still has a charm all its own, does Naples. I have the next one sitting on top of my 'mystery' novel pile and I might Just take a little Peek at the story. You know, in preparation and all that....


Wonderful! It is the second book by the way but the first was just as enjoyable. It is one I can happily recommend!


They all look good. I have the next one and have only read the back cover description. I thought I would pick up his more contemporary series next, but now I am wavering and want to continue on with these characters. I think I could happily continue reading for Ricciardi and Enrica alone, but I like the setting and the mysteries, too.


They are--I agree. They have been a very happy discovery for me. I have the Bastards of Pizzofalcone, too, though I see one called The Crocodile that I might pick up first. While it is a standalone, I think, I wonder if it can still be read in conjunction with the contemporary series.


This sounds fantastic. I think I might have one of his books somewhere. I really hope so. I'd love to read them. I'm reading my first Keigo Higashino at the moment and like it very much. I'm not sure if you've reviewed him.


I have really enjoyed the two books by him I have read and I think you would like him as well--and you would even be able to read him in the original Italian, too! I wonder if you are reading his newest--Under the Midnight Sun, which sounds really good And which I just got in the mail yesterday! I am planning on picking up a 'new' read (my hopes of finishing all those partially read books is quickly dwindling so now I am into 'new book' mode!) and it is currently sitting at the top of the pile. I have heard good things about him in any case. Otherwise--I have yet to read him. I know he has a couple of detective novels out, too, but the one I just got I think is a standalone.


I'm reading The Devotion of Suspect X. In a German translation, so I didn't buy it because of the hype. In German it's called "Dangerous Lover". It's so unusual but good. I'm looking forward to finding out what you make of him.


I was wrong - it's called "Suspicious Lover".


I have not started the standalone yet. I was too undecided and in the end opted for a shorter mystery set in Brighton in the early 1950s. But it is high on my stack and I hope to read it soon.


I have that (in English of course). Are you enjoying it? I have heard good things, too, about this series.

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