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An excellent list of favorites! With all the books you read over the year it is always fun to see in the end which ones stand out the most. Poor Hollinghurst. Maybe it is time to put him out of his misery.


i've read all 3 of your favorites, Giovanni's Room when I was too young to appreciate how well he wrote and probable need to reread as an adult.
When Breath Becomes Air was so sad, how do you document the end of your life.
The Namesake I loved as I've loved all of her books.

Sam Sattler

I've read two of your top three favorites of the year and loved both of them. When Breath Becomes Air is one I still think about even though I read it several months ago. And The Namesake made me realize just how talented a writer Jhumpa Lahiri really is. I'll have to take a look at Giovanni's Room soon. Thanks for the great list.


Totally amazing...I haven't read 1 that's on your list & I wouldn't consider myself a slacker when it comes to reading. Most of them I haven't even heard of!


I've only read The Namesake (which was wonderful) but there are several others from your list that are on my radar for sure. I actually already have a copy of The City Baker's Guide to Country Living which sounds delightful.


It looks like a wonderful year of reading! I love Lahiri's story "Emperor of Maladies": so far I have found her longer fiction less engaging but I haven't read The Namesake. I read 'In Other Words' this year. She's a lovely writer, just stylistically. Happy 2017!


Well, the Hollinghurst is going to have to cool its heels now for a while back on the shelf. I will try again some other day. I just got distracted and didn't stick with it being overwhelmed by Too Many Books started! I am really going to try and keep that under control next year. (She said optimistically).


I definitely would not have appreciated the Baldwin had I read it when I was younger. I would love to read more of his work now, however. The Kalanithi was really amazing but really sad and painful, too. I wish I could be so thoughtful and articulate as he was. And I have to read all of Jhumpa Lahiri's books now--her writing is exquisite!


I read the Kalanithi at the start of the year and it has stayed with me. I am still in awe of him and what he went through and how he was able to document it so beautifully. Isn't Jhumpa Lahiri amazing? Did you know she has learned Italian and now lives there and has even written a book in Italian. She is amazing, too. The Baldwin was so good and I want to read more of his work now!


Wow, that is amazing. I admit a few are older books--the Moggach and Rita Mae Brown's and a few were probably only published in the UK. You Have to read Jhumpa Lahiri-she is wonderful and I am sure you would like her! Which are your faves from this year--do tell!


Save the City Baker's Guide when you need some serious escapism--it's a very fun story. I will read more of Jhumpa Lahiri's books now, I think!


This was my first book by Jhumpa Lahiri, and I am not sure why I have not read her book of short stories, but I will rectify that. Now I am not even sure how many novels she has written, but I do have In Other Words on my wishlist--just waiting for the paperback so I am happy to hear you like her. She is a very stylish (well, you know what I mean) writer! Happy 2017 Rohan and thanks for the Tweet shout out! :)


Happy 2017, Danielle. I hope you got my email. (No worries, you don't need to answer it. I just wanted to make sure.) :)


Oh - and I'll be back for the list.


Happy New Year, Danielle! :)
Glad you had a good reading year back there. I read Giovanni's Room some years back and recall it having some of my favourite closing lines in a book. Might need to revisit it someday. And I'm reminded that I need to get to Rubyfruit Jungle and some William Trevors this year..... and Lahiri too!


I did--and I am sorry for my tardy reply which I still wanted to reply properly to! Happy New Year to you as well, Caroline! I hope 2017 is filled with lots of good things!


And I took a peek at your list and saw the Hughes there as well as the O'Brien--I want to read more by both authors this year.


Hi Michelle--Happy New Year to you, too! I am happy with how things turned out for last year and now am looking forward to another even better reading year. The Baldwin was such a great book-I really do need to read more of his work. I have a massive pile of books by William Trevor that I look forward to. Jhumpa Lahiri is such a great writer, and you have to read Rubyfruit Jungle--she will make you laugh out loud!!

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