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Merry Christmas, Dani! May your 12 days be joyous! (And book-filled!)


Merry Christmas! Enjoy your vacation and your Virago finds. Hmm...which one will you pick to read next?

vicki (skiourophile)

Merry Christmas - may 2017 bring you many more bookish and stitching delights!


Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Joan Kyler

Merry Christmas, Danielle! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and time to read!

Sam Sattler

Merry Christmas, Danielle. What great finds...enjoy the time off.


What pretty pictures! Hope you are enjoying a Merry Christmas! And, what a great find at the bookstore.


Merry Christmas Dani! Those Viragos look lovely :)


Merry Christmas and a Happy new reading year!

John Edwards

And a happy Christmas to you too. May the New Year bring you lots of books and other goodies!


Merry belated Christmas to you too! Green virago books are just the right color for the season, aren't they?


Oh lovely - what a gorgeous haul of books. There is such a sense of triumph when you find a stock of Virago classics!
This is a bit late - but I do hope you have had a lovely Christmas so far and have a plentiful amount of reading time.


Oh, lucky you! I'll pick up any Virago I see at a used bookstore, just on principle. I don't always buy...but almost always.

Enjoy your holidays, and hope you're having a perfectly lovely vacation.


So far so good, thanks! I hope you had a terrific Christmas, too, and that your 2017 is happy and healthy!


Happy Holidays! I am trying to fill my vacation days with as much reading as I can--somehow it helps draw them out if that doesn't sound too weird. I think I am going to start with Rachel Ferguson, but I also have a very short Virago which might be my first official read of 2017--I have three different books I am deciding between right now! ;)


Thanks Vicki and I wish the very same for you! So nice to see your comment--I hope all is well. And I really need to pick up my stitching again--I have been terribly neglectful of late.


Hi Kailana--Happy Holidays. I hope yours was really terrific, too!


Never as much time to read as I want but then I am pretty greedy. Still I am making a very valiant effort with a few last books. All in all, I can't really complain. Hope you are reading lots too over this holiday season.


Happy Holidays, Sam. I hope you had a great day and a joyous New Year--can you believe it is almost here?! I am enjoying my break--have been reading as much as I can and seeing a few movies, too. OH, and eating too many cookies....


What luck indeed. All the more so since I had not even planned to go to the used bookstore--it was meant to be, right?! I hope you had a great holiday with your family Iliana!


Thanks Stefanie--Happy Holidays and Happy Break! Aren't they so pretty (and all so pristine, too). It would seem 'Santa' was very very nice to me this year.


Hi Val--Happy Holidays and here's to a very peaceful and happy 2017!


Thanks John! Happy Holidays. I only got two books this year (your book on Liverpool, which I love and a book of short stories which I also love), but as you see . . . I made up for the lack of bookish presents.


Now I see why green is my favorite color (it really is, but I especially like those green spines!!). I hope you had a lovely time with your family but that now you can relax in the New Year at home (and that it will also involve books!). Happy Holidays Smithereens!


Haul is the right word. I was so greedy. I could not believe my luck. Most of them were on a new books display table and then I walked the whole range of the fiction section searching for green spines. It really DID feel like Christmas (well the consumer version of Christmas, if you know what I mean...). I hope you had a really lovely holiday with your family, too, and that you have a peaceful and (hopefully) book-filled New Years!


I do, too. Sometimes even if I own a book I want to buy it--as you say, just out of principle. Thanks, Kathy. I hope you had a great holiday with your family. I saw it was in the 80s (via Instagram!!) where you live. It has actually been relatively mild here, too, for which I am really pretty happy).

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