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Like you I haven't reviewed all the books I've read although some were very good. Now I can't, which is a bit sad. Yeah well.
I really like the sound of the Maggie O'Farrell. I've read two of her books, one of which I loved, the other one I liked.


I'm such a Mary Wesley fan I'm pretty sure I've read all of her books and will reread them. I find it fascinating that she didn't start writing until she was quite old.


I hate it when I fall behind in doing wrap up posts of books read but it happens. Really enjoyed hearing about these. I am not certain that I have all of these titles but I know I have at least one book by each of these authors just waiting patiently on my shelves.


Heh, you have to talk about your finishes more often or you are going to make us all think you only start books but never reach the end! ;) too bad the Enright didn't end up meeting your expectations. It's always such a disappointment when that happens. The other ones all sound pretty good though!


I'm adding both Mary Wesley and Katherine MacMahon to my TBR list for 2017. I've read (and enjoyed) The Crimson Rooms, but nothing else by MacMahon. I also very much like books that offer a good story, but also a little something extra that elevate them from "just" a good story. I've hit kind of a dry patch on fiction recently--nothing is really grabbing me and holding my interest. Time to shake things up! Perhaps a reshuffle of the TBR piles and putting a whole lot of library books on hold all at once--start the new year with a bang (lol).


I seem to have a problem with writing about books these days--it never used to be a problem, but it seems too challenging for me right now. I do still have a few I want to mention at least, so maybe I can still squeeze them in. I love Maggie O'Farrell and am thinking of picking up one of her books from my shelves to read as my vacation treat!


It seems like book review sorts of posts are always more work, or more brain power anyway than I seem to have these days. But I never feel quite finished with my reading until I have written about the book in some way! Books can be very patient, can't they? Wish I was a more patient reader!! :)


I really do. I have a backlog of books I wanted to write about but didn't. Maybe if I am better at it next year I won't feel as though I never make any progress with my reading. It helps, too, to focus on just a book or two at a time I am finding at the moment as I whittle down the last of the partial reads. It is like a race I am trying to finish--lol. I don't want to win any awards, just cross the finish line! I will definitely read more Anne Enright, but I found parts of this book to be too much of a struggle. Such a pity since I was so excited about reading this book--still glad, though, that I DID read it!


I think you will like Mary Wesley a lot--her books are a real treat, and if you have not read any of them, you will have a nice selection to choose from. I will have to pick up another Katharine MacMahon sometime soon as I have all her books, I think--only halfway finished with reading them all. I have had that problem a number of times this year--nothing quite catching my attention. Maybe you need to go through your current reads pile and if it is not working just put it back and pick something else new. I want to pick a good book to start the new year with, too. I think I will read either one of my newly acquired novellas or pick a little black Penguin. It always feels good to read something short and finish it quick off the bat right away--like it bodes well for the new reading year! ;)


I think I own all of Mary Wesley's novels and have read a number of them--would happily reread them, too. I also have a biography of her and I agree--it is really cool that she did not start writing her fiction for adults until she was something like 70 or so!


I am glad that you enjoyed the O'Farrell: like you I have collected most of her books so far but this was the first one that I actually read and it made me wonder why I had taken so long. I duly fished out all the others intending to read them but sadly the pile is still sitting there, untouched and gathering dust because life has somehow intervened- again!
The same situation sadly applies to both Katherine MacMahon and Mary Wesley - I am clearly far better at making intentions than actually carrying them out but at least I know where the books are now!
Sadly I found the Enright quite hard going at the time I read it so it is in the unfinished list - perhaps one to revisit, maybe!


I do this so often--read one book by an author, like it, and then go out looking for all the rest, but then they just sit on the shelf for ages (as I find ever more new authors to read). I managed to find in my mess of book piles the one Maggie O'Farrell that I think I would love to read--but then that pile of 'treats' is growing and the idea is to just choose one for vacation (not finish five books and start ten--which is my bad habit). I at least have KM's and MW's books close at hand and can easily get to them when the need arises. When will their turns come back up again is the question.


I knew exactly where my copy of The Alchemist's Daughter was for literally years but then had a forced move around and now don't have a clue! I won't have the time to have a long search until after Christmas now - very frustrating!


Of course. Murphy's Law that that is going to happen. I do that all the time-shift books about and one minute I know where it is and the next it is lost. Oh well--go for the Lahiri and look for MacMahon after the holidays. I wonder if she is scheduled to have anything else published soon...not that I don't already have a number of unread books by her on my pile...

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