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I loved The Namesake and have gone on to read all of her other books. She's such a wonderful writer! I will go looking for Family Life, it sounds like one I'd like. I'm reading the story of a Chinese/American family right now (Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng) and it's so sad.


Drat it Danielle, you have done it again and I am on a mission to find my copy of The Namesake! Like you I have read Jhumpa Lahiri's short stories before but never read this novel despite owning a copy for years.

Akhil Sharma is not a writer I am familiar with but I will definitely investigate in the near future!


Sharma's book sounds really good! I like the excerpt you shared from the Q&A. the book is now on my library wishlist!


I was looking at her NF/memoir about learning Italian and want to read it as well. I had it out from the library but think I will wait until it comes out in paper and just buy a copy. She is a wonderful writer. I loved Family Life and it is just as good as the Lahiri, so I can happily recommend it to you. And I have looked at the Ng several times--I think I will read it at some point as I have heard lots of good things about it, too. Maybe not right now, though, not sure I can handle anything too sad.


It will be well worth the search, trust me on this one. She writes really exquisitely. Did you know she learned Italian and wanted to immerse herself in the language and now lives in Italy with her family and has written in Italian? She has a memoir out (I am waiting for the paperback which I think must be out soon or early in 2017) about the experience--I bet you would like it too--it sounds interesting! I loved the Sharma book and will see what else he has written, too!


I know I always say, I need to read more by a writer whose short stories I have read, and for once I actually have followed through! And it was so worth it. You would like Family Life--I highly recommend it!


I'm familiar with Juhmpa Lahiri. I've read her short stories years ago and Zimthink I might even have The Namesake somewhere. I really need to stop buying books. Thus us the first year in which I've somewhat lost the overview of what I have.
Sharma sounds excellent too.
I feel fortunate. I'm in a writer's critique group with an Indian American. I love her stories and what she writes about the culture.


I hate to admit at how bad I have been this year for buying books--really almost out of control, but the Book Depository has had such good discounts--even better than the US Amazon, and I am not good at passing up a good bargain. So I totally understand what it is to forget if you own a book or not. And sadly on more than one occasion I have even bought the same book twice! Jhumpa Lahiri is a marvelous writer--I love her style. Sharma is one of my good new finds this year, too, and I really need to see what else he has written. Lucky you--I am very into Indian culture at the moment and I love reading about the country and their traditions. I must get back to A Suitable Boy--it has been waiting (as I work my way through that unfinished pile....sigh).

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