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Is it the same with you? I tend to remember books
where embroidery shows up in the story far more easily, Sue Gee's Letters from Prague comes to mind now, when Susanna looks at an exquisite piece of tapestry and weeps. And it always, always, gives me this fleeting longing of starting a piece again myself soon.

The book sounds good too.


It would be the cultural and social aspects of her memoir that would intrigue me the most, I think. I'm glad to know about this book. Thanks!


I do pick up on anything needlework oriented. It doesn't happen often, but I very much enjoy those references! I really must pick up a book by Sue Gee--I started Letters, but then got distracted. But I often pick it up and look at it--now you tempt me again with it. I am really enjoying this memoir-finally a nonfiction that has me glued to the pages!!


I don't read a lot of memoirs but I think a book like this I would probably enjoy a lot more just because I would feel like I was learning about a new place. Looks like you are on your way to some great reading plans for 2017!


Sounds like the book is off to a good start! What an interesting clip you shared too!


Politics is always messy, and I agree it is the social and cultural aspects that I find more intriguing. I love learning about other cultures and of course reading about women's lives!


I like memoirs a lot, and I probably read more of them than almost anything else when it comes to NF. If written well a memoir is very much like a good novel. I also love that feeling of being transported elsewhere. And, I have been thinking a lot about next year's reading as you can see!!


It's always fun to read about something (hobby-wise) that you do or want to learn. It is a thick book so there will be lots of happy hours spent with it!

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