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Glad this was a good one though I don't think you have ever s aid one of these wasn't good :) I love how in all the Holmes variations even Mycroft gets a bit tweaked, though it does seem that he always plays a part in getting Holmes both into and out of trouble.


I really have loved them all--I think the first book was the weakest as the book was almost more interlinked stories, but still it was a good read. They really do each seem to get better, though. Mycroft is something--I don't remember him from the actual Sherlock stories (but then I have read so few and it has been a while--must rectify that, too)--he really does seem to be able to manipulate every situation--his reach is far. He always sends Holmes and Mary off to these dangerous places without ever sullying his own hands! :)

Moonlight Reader (Christine)

I started following you a while ago, and haven't commented yet. This post inspired me to say hello. I am a HUGE Mary Russell fan - I actually think that Justice Hall was the emotional high point of the series for me, although I did enjoy The Game. I also really enjoyed Locked Rooms, which I think comes next, so you're in for a treat there! I've read through Dreaming Spies, although I skipped The Pirate King because it is reputed to be simply terrible. If you enjoy audiobooks, Jenny Sterlin does a great job with the narration!


Hi Christine--Happy New Year. So happy you decided to leave a comment--it is always nice to chat with a fellow book lover! I am slowly making my way through these mysteries. I love Mary Russell, she is such a great character. I really liked Justice Hall, too. I think I have enjoyed all the books really, though I would be happy for something less exotic and back in England (as much as I love the exotic settings, too). Yes, Locked Rooms is next for me, which should be fun since I love San Francisco so look forward to reading a novel set there. I have heard Pirate Kings is a little off or odd--too bad, but it is hard to be on top of it all with every book. I will look for the audios--they can be fun if the reader is really good!

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