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Joan Kyler

I'm just re-exploring Mary Stewart's books, but they're as much fun as I remembered.

Merry Christmas, Danielle!


Totally agree with you about Stormy Petrel and about Mary Stewart's books. Now I wonder at what age she wrote it. Must investigate that.


Can you believe I haven't read anything by Mary Stewart? I really need to get with it. Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday, Danielle!


An underpaid lecturer and struggling poet who writes SF to pay the bills, I love it!


She is always a dependable read in my book! I still have a small stack of maybe six (that are close at hand anyway) unread books by her to look forward to!


It was a very enjoyable story, but I think I prefer the earlier ones just a bit more. Still, I am happy to read any of her books. I guess she had a different perspective she was writing from compared to those earlier novels written when she was younger.


Wow, you haven't? You have to fix that next year, Iliana! I am sure you will like her. I think my own favorites are The Ivy Tree, Touch Not the Cat and My Brother Michael--but I have enjoyed all the books by her that I have read!


Isn't she a great character? I am sure we would have been good friends!

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