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Thanks for sharing the list. One of my New Year's resolutions is to read more contemporary translated fiction and this will help get me started with some ideas. (One Hundred Years of Solitude is also on my reading list. I've never read it and really want to make this the year).


I'm so glad you have spoken out about the appalling immigration situation. I'm glad you've included a list and brief summary of books.
Thank you!


I just can't get over what we are seeing in the news. I'm so sorry for all the families that are caught up in this situation. Thank you for the reading list. Like you, I love to read and learn and this year I'm hoping to branch out more in my reading. And, I love that tote bag. Very cool.


That bag is gorgeous! And a nice pile of books too. The Unwinding sounds really interesting and I am intrigued by The Weight of Paradise.


Me, too! For a while I was reading lots of translated books but then last year I slowed down a bit--enough that it became noticeable. So this year I hope to make a more concerted effort to reach for international fiction. I think I liked Love in the Time of Cholera just a bit more than Hundred Years, but his writing is most magical. I do recall that this book has a massive repetition of one family name that made for slightly challenging reading. But well worth the effort!


I really do try and avoid politics (and religion)here, but I am finding it so hard to ignore (and I of course don't want to ignore current events!) what is going on, which I truly think is not right in the least. There are other ways to keep people safe. Anyway, I will keep looking for books to broaden my mind and educate me!


It feels really constant, doesn't it? I hate to watch almost as daily there is something new that gets me down. I do feel sorry for the people who are now separated from their families--that would be really crushing, I think. Books help at least. And isn't that book bag marvelous? I have too many....or maybe you can't actually have too many! ;)


I thought so. I really couldn't resist it and since it was a whopping 30% off it was just prodding me to buy it. The Unwinding is really good--I highly recommend it. And if you like personal narratives-I think you will also find it compelling. I have dipped into The Weight of Paradise and think I want to read it, too, now (even though I know I should wait and finish something first....).


The headline alone made me want to read this post. I'm all for new tote bags filled with books. I'm trying not to get too caught up in and distressed by the political situation, but I feel anxious, too. One thing that bothers me about President Trump is that he doesn't strike me as a reader at all. For a man in such high and responsible office, that seems like a big drawback. I don't feel he is educated or thoughtful enough to be a good president--but I certainly hope I'm wrong. I know everyone doesn't have to be a reader to be an educated person, but it doesn't hurt.


That was a splurge but I love that illustration and it was on sale, so I don't feel TOO bad. I have taken a break from the news this weekend and it has helped. I think you can actually watch things too much and it does get you down. I don't think he is a reader at all and anyone who tweets as much as he does seems like someone who really does not have much of an attention span sadly. It is cool that Obama read so much and it was really important to him. I am not sure any of the Trumps are readers which sets a very poor example indeed!!

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