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I love the pattern on the left in your photo. So cute! I've not been stitching, but I have been sketching--nearly every day since September. My goal is 5 minutes per day--such a short time keeps me doing it even on days I dont' feel like it. I almost always sketch longer than 5 minutes, but as long as I've done 5, I can stop. I've seen a huge improvement in my skills (though still a long way to go).


I like that one, too, and am leaning towards getting the supplies ready to stitch it! Maybe I will end up doing both! ;) That is a great idea--five minutes is certainly doable and if you are in the right mood you might end up spending more time. It's a good way to get back into the habit. I try and do that with my stitching in the mornings--it is amazing how much you can actually finish since it all accumulates!


I love your stitching posts! We'll be your online cheering group if you allow us. I sometimes wish I could stitch again, but with little boys at home this is not happening anytime soon. So I'm stitching vicariously through your posts. Keep them coming!


Oh that's a pretty one you're doing! Well they are all always pretty but you know what I mean :)


I shall happily take on all the cheers that are sent my way! :) I have been working on this one and hope to finish the stitching part soon. With two young boys you are probably lucky to get in reading, right? Maybe when they are a bit older and more self sufficient you can take up stitching again!


I do know what you mean and I agree this is a very pleasing design. Nice, too, that there are only two colors to work with. I am determined to finish something--would be so nice to finish one small stitching project a month!


I love these patterns. Glad you are getting back to your stitching projects. I need to get back to my bookbinding projects as well but I'm still knee-deep in organizing my studio. Or maybe I'm just procrastinating! :)

You should totally start your own stitching group!


It's lovely to see a stitching post from you, the Threadwork Primitives design is gorgeous.

As far as online stitching communities go they seem to have moved onto Facebook, there are some very active sampler groups I've come across. The various stitching hashtags on Instagram are well supported too if you do that.


It is hard to get all those crafty things in over the weekend isn't it? I put things off, too, but then when I make time for them I always enjoy the work. It would be fun to have a stitching group--or needlework group--knitters and stitchers maybe?


Hi Karoline--so nice to hear from you! I have needed to get a jumpstart on my stitching again and a new project seems to have really helped. I wondered where all the stitchers went online. I am probably the only person in the world Not on FB, but maybe I can join in via Instagram. I have an account but I only look and never upload my own photos. Will have to figure out how--seems the perfect place to share and interact with others. I love Threadwork Primitives, too!!

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