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I am looking forward to The Circle and Wonder Woman :)


I thought you had read The Circle and liked it--I may give it a try, too. I am very curious about Wonder Woman and am looking forward to seeing how they interpret her for the 21st century (or maybe it is set back in time?).


Having had a quick look at the trailer for Tulip Fever and the cast list for My Cousin Rachel, I will certainly look out for both these films although I would like to read (or re-read in the case of the latter) the books before I see them.
Did you know that The Beguiled has already been a film back in the 70's?
It starred Clint Eastwood in the role of the soldier and I can't think that Colin Farrell will improve on that in either acting ability or looks although the female cast is a strong one.
I am actually looking forward to seeing Big Little Lies based on the Liane Moriarty book although I'm not sure if it is classed as a made-for-tv film ; I loved the book and the cast looks impressive.


I remember watching the 2002 Count of Monte Cristo, and thought it was OK but not great. I remember watching an earlier mini-series as well. The differences were so great it motivated me to read the book which of course is much better.

There is an old black and white movie of "My Cousin Rachel" starring Richard Burton. It is a long time since I have seen it, but I remember enjoying it. I have not read the book, though.


I haven't looked yet to see who is in My Cousin Rachel--I love the book and hope they do the story justice. I did find my copy of Tulip Fever and have it close at hand. I flipped through it and it seems like it would be a quick read--not teeny tiny print and not too long and the book has color plates, too! I knew that Beguiled had been made before. I have to agree with you on the Colin Farrell comment and need to see if there is a trailer for it. He is not my choice of swoony male lead either. I didn't read Big Little Lies--so must take a look. I wonder if it is a TV movie as I didn't see it in any lists but must check that out now, too.


I am probably harsher on The Count of Monte Cristo than I should be. I loved the original film with Richard Chamberlain from the 70s which I saw when I was a kid and so that is what my first attraction to the story was from. And then I read the book--the whole unabridged story and Loved it. It is one of my absolute favorites--with all those side stories and digressions, so that remake was likely to fail in my eyes. Had I not see the story or read it before I probably would have gotten on much better with it. I'll have to check out the Richard Burton version of My Cousin Rachel-I think a number of Daphne du Maurier's books were made into movies in the 50s--including Frenchman's Creek, another book by her I love.


She made a brief appearance in Batman v Superman which I did not see but Bookman did and had me watch the Wonder Woman part. She seems to be much grittier/darker than Linda Carter so it could be interesting.


There are a few I've read and enjoyed and would like to see the movie like The Glasscastle and My Cousin Rachel. I've got Before I Fall so I should read that soon. I didn't like the Snowman. I hope you will enjoy it more.


Oh I'm happy to see that there's going to be a movie of Tulip Fever. I read that years ago and thought it was fascinating. It's been so long that details are fuzzy so I think I should be able to enjoy the movie version. Also excited to see My Cousin Rachel!


I remember the Linda Carter Wonder Woman and her cool plane!! I do like the idea of a darker and grittier WW, though. I want to read the bio of her that came out a few years ago--did you read it?


I am curious what The Glass Castle will be like. I loved the book, but it was not a happy read really--I mean you laughed at the way she told her story, but you shuddered inside at the same time! I thought it was the Nesbo you didn't get on with. I have only read one Harry Hole mystery (The Redbreast) and I liked him as a character--just never got back to the books. I wonder what the movie will be like and am curious to see the actor they choose to play him.


I have had that book for a Very Long time and now I have the nudge to read it. I hope it is a good adaptation. It could potentially be a really stunning movie visually! And I can't wait to see what they do with My Cousin Rachel--that is such a great story!

Buried In Print

It feels like I'm still working on TBRs from more than ten years ago, reading books so I can watch the films made of them! But it's still fun to read these lists!


Me, too. All those Forsyte books, and I have never watched the entire TV adaptation-silly considering how long it is taking me to read the books. And I want to reread the Cazalet Saga before watching that movie, too! Maybe I will do better with at least a few of these.

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