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Went to Amazon and ordered, also the beginning of the Morland family chronicles. i enjoyed the Cazalet family so I'm sure I'll like this one tool


This sounds wonderful; I like family sagas set in England. This would be a nice addition to my Anthony Trollope novels.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I am! If you liked the Cazalets, I think you will really enjoy the WWI family drama. I pulled out the second book just this morning to look at over..... And I really like the Morland books, too, and must get back to them. It is really good historical fiction and follows one family through British history!


I love family dramas, too! And I have to read Anthony Trollope--he is one of those authors I always mean to get to soon.... Have you read the Angela Thirkell books set in Barsetshire? I am very slowly making my way through those, too!


I can imagine this would be really fun to read and wouldn't seem as daunting to start this series verses the other one given how many books are in that one! Wow. Well, at least good stuff to look forward to right?


I really like the Morland books but they almost feel too overwhelming to me now. This one has the added appeal of being a WWI setting, which I love. And the stories seem much shorter, too. The Morland books can be on the chunky side. I do need to get back to them. It's always good to have books like these to look forward to!


A good cast and a promising story! With 35 books in the series there is plenty to look forward to it seems!


This was great fun--only a few out and not sure how many will be in the series. The other Morland books she wrote is, I think, now finished and has 35-ish books. I am waaaayyy back towards the beginning rather than anywhere near the end. But I need to look at that as a good thing, right? Lots to look forward to!

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