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I know it's shallow but I find those pink hats so cute. On a less cheerful note - yes, I'm sure you'll need it very often.
It's just appaling what's going on.
Have you seen this book by Melville House?
I just downloaded it today.
The Dagger and Edgar lists are always fatal.
I read LitHub for a few months daily but it becamsue too much. They just have too many interesting articles.

Buried In Print

Let me know if you start some new podcasts; I'm always looking for new things to listen to while making meals and baking cookies (my latest obsession)! I just started into the second season of "Serial" which I'd been avoiding because I didn't think it could top/match the first, but I'm really enjoying it all the same. (Just the first one so far, if you want to catch up!)


Oh my, oh my, oh my! I've bookmarked several links and can't wait to get my Lit Hub daily . . . Thank you for all of these, Dannielle.


I need to see if one of my knitter friends will knit me a hat too! Thank you for the link for Impress books. I'm really wanting to check out more Indie presses this year!


Thanks for these! I ordered Good Behavior so I can sample Molly Keane's work (and read the discussion when I'm done).


Lots of interest in this post Thanks!...I think I'll have to reread it again in the morning.

My daughter will happily knit a hat for you if your Sis is busy ...just let me know (She has knitted 6 sofar..good lass)


I think they are very eye catching and you know right away what they mean. They are very cool (and not at all shallow to like them!). It is really appalling. How are we going to last through four years of this when this is only the first week? Doesn't it say something that from the very first there have been protests and I am sure they are going to continue. I have that book--I have not done more yet than browse through it--it seems to be a collection of blog posts but it seems a good place to start. It should point in other directions when it comes to more books to pick up, I hope. Yes, those lists always make my book piles grow. And I love Lithub, but you can definitely spend a whole morning reading all the articles linked there. I keep saving the daily digests thinking I will get back to them soon but then have to clear out my email inbox every few weeks as I can never keep up let alone catch up after the fact.


I will! It looks like there are some really good ones. The problem is always--when am I supposed to listen to them all. I think I might have to start playing them while I shower or something! ;) I have heard about Serial--must check that out, too......


I love LitHub. They always have such great things to read. The internet just opens a whole world up, doesn't it?!


It's great that there are so many really good indie presses out there and I want to try and support as many as possible. I have to buy some yarn, but once my sister has it, I think she can knit one pretty quickly!


Have you got your book, and started reading yet? I have just read the first chapter or so, but it seems like it is going to be really good. Aroon is quite an interesting character. Not sure if I like her or not, but she is certainly someone you want to watch!


Oh, thanks so much--that is nice of her. I think knitters are always so generous with their skills. And when you love doing something and can do it fast, I think it all just takes off. I know knitters have sort of gotten together on that project. Tell her thanks--and I will let you know if my sister isn't able to make one for me. It's impossible to keep up with all the information/links, isn't it? Part of the reason I have started to do this weekly is just to corral them for myself to get back to later! ;) Might as well share them, too.


Indeed, it does. :)


I too, love Lit Hub Daily! There are so many great podcasts out there it seems and I never listen to any of them. I can't seem to figure out how to make the time. I tried listening to some when riding on the trainer but my brain goes into some other dimension and I only return when the "noise" stops and I realize I blanked out the whole thing!


As soon as I finish one of the books I'm currently reading, I'm starting Good Behavior. From the very first page, it looks intriguing!


How did we ever get by before it existed?!


Let me know what you think--we can read in tandem and maybe discuss as we go!


I can't keep up with LitHub. Wouldn't it be fun to work for them and go around gathering links of interest! I sometimes listen to podcasts while making my dinner or doing certain tasks at work, but I am not in a good habit. I more often than not pick a book over podcasts when exercising. It is impossible to fit everything in I want to in a day. Sometimes quiet is more important--like when you are training--you have to focus and push everything out. I am also very much in need of that quiet zone!


Sounds good! Will do.


I can't keep up with Lit Hub, so I've gone to weekly digests. There's just too much interesting stuff! I would love to participate in the VMC book club--I'll have to check that out. It will give me an excuse to search out some volumes new to me.


I can't either. I always end up just clearing out my email inbox, but I do at least look through all the links when the digest comes out every day. Do join that VMC club--then we can chat about the books!

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