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Judy Griffith

Happy New Year from South Carolina. HAve enjoyed reading your blog for over 5 years. MY main reading goal for the new year is to continue reading from my shelves. Starting off the year with London by Edward Rutherford - enjoyed his Saruman a few years back. ALso finishing up The Bone Tree by Greg iles loaded to me by someone at work and The Thousandth FLoor by Katherine McGee that I checked out from my local library online ebook. looking forward to another good year of reading recommendations.


A very happy new year to you and a year of good reading.
I'm just starting Mudbound for our book group, which is celebrating 29 years this month. Yikes!


I hope you get to all the books that you have planned. Happy New Year and Happy Reading in 2017!


That's a great idea: monthly prompts. Before I ran away with the idea I realised it wouldn't be workable for me now that most of my books will be in storage for the next four to five months. I will try it out in the second half of the year I hope.


Happy New Year, Danielle! I love your monthly prompts idea. What a great way to welcome each month. I hope you have a wonderful reading year and can't wait to see where your reading takes you. Like you, I'm excited about a new year and to see what I'll find in my reading.


Very organised for the New Year!
Sadly my reading plan is not to make a reading plan because sticking to it is always beyond me for various reasons! I will toddle along as usual although I will make more of an effort to keep away from online library requests and try and read more from my own shelves in a vague attempt to clear the backlog!


Happy New Year! What great ideas you have for a new year of reading. I love the idea of monthly prompts and will be curious to see where they take you in 2017. My resolutions are to read more from books I've got on hand ( or maybe I should say "in piles" ;), do some sorting out and in January, read books people have loaned me but I've never gotten to.


I love your monthly prompts! A very good idea. I can't wait to see what sorts of books turn up. I hope wherever your reading takes you in 2017 that you enjoy the journey! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Judy! What a nice thing to hear you have been reading so long--I am flattered and very much always enjoy our bookish chats! I want to read mostly from my stacks, too, this year. I am hopeful especially that I can read more of my Viragos and Persephones that I have long been collecting. I have the Paris novel by Rutherford--I have never read him before but it seems his books are nice and juicy to sink your teeth into--Enjoy! Happy reading!


Happy New Year Penny! I had to look up Mudbound as I had not heard of it--looks good, though quite sobering! How cool that your group has been together so long. Do you know how many books you have read over the course of all those years? It would be fun to look at your list!


I hope so, too! I am always so very optimistic starting out. Happy New Year to you, too, Kailana!


Now that is hard--to be separated from your books for almost the first half of the year. Are you pulling a stack out in anticipation of your reading? The upheaval of having work done on your home is really hard but it will be worth it when it is finished! I do hope you do the prompts later on--I think it will be fun and I am trying out my first book right now and will write about it this week.


Happy New Year Iliana--I thought it would be a fun thing and something different than trying to read a set list of books. This way I can have a list but still be able to choose as my mood changes over the course of the year. I am reading a few new books for 2017 and it feels good to have a nice new stack to read from!


It always starts this way--but can I keep it up as the year progresses? We'll see, but I am enjoying reading 'new' books. I am happy I managed to more or less tidy the big stack of in progress books from last year. It is hard avoiding all those new books at the library. I took a bunch back but kept a few that most appealed to me. And I still have a small backlog of books I could not quite face putting back on the shelves.


I am curious, too! It will be fun looking through my shelves each month for suitable reads. I like your idea of reading the books that were given to you. I have a little pile of special books like that I should also give some attention to. It is fun looking at those shelves/piles and finding books you forgot you had but were so excited about. I do that all the time--at least to look....


That wasn't really my first idea, but it morphed into a non-book list and now I am excited about it. It's usually about the journey, isn't it. Happy New Year to you, too, and Happy Reading in 2017--I am looking forward to reading together!


I like your prompts plans, Danielle. Should make for an exciting reading year. And if you don't stick with them, oh, well--they're guidelines, not set-in-stone rules, right? Part of our pleasure comes from reading at whim. I wonder where our whims will take us this year?


I think it will work well since the book I choose can be whatever I am in the mood for at that moment--no list here to worry about. Every time I make a list of particular books I end up wanting to read something else entirely! We really are the same when it comes to reading at whim! It is fun to meander the way through the reading year--and I am very much influenced by my friends's reading, too! ;)

Buried In Print

I remember absolutely loving Mudbound, gobbling it up in just a couple of days. There were some difficult moments, but the writing really swept me away into the story. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised!


Onto my wishlist it goes. It looks a little heavy duty, so maybe not a January story, but it sounds really good. Good writing can make a difficult story so much easier to manage, too. You almost forget you are reading something really difficult!


I love the idea of monthly prompts, and I'm sure you'll tell us how inspiring they are. My ideas for 2017 are all about weeding out my shelves and reading books I own. Happy reading to you!


One of our members has kept a list and shared it in the past, but, I have no idea where I put it. ha! I'd say about 225 books.

Mudbound moves quickly, is told in 6 voices, which works rather well. It is at times very dark, especially towards the end. The horrors of racism in the Mississippi Delta in the 1940's. Still-in-all, we had a very lively discussion.


Well said - and I agree.
I said, below, that there were six voice, but, actually there are 7 - if Pappy is included. Our book group had a great deal to say about him.


Those are the best books to read in a book club setting! I do miss having an in person group to go to--I went to one for a few years but it sort of disbanded. That is a very impressive number of books read! Too bad your list has went missing. I bet you remember certain books according to the discussions you had!


I have been pretty good at reading from my own shelves, but not so good about weeding!! I am in the middle of my January prompt now, and am already half thinking ahead to next month's, too. Happy reading Smithereens!

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