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Buried In Print

I remember this one being on my grandmother's nightstand for ages; I don't think she ever read it either! (I might have her copy; I'll have a peek. Being a pushover myself, as you know!)


This looks very good! Molly Keane is a new author for me--always exciting being introduced to an excellent writer.


Do peek. I think it is going to be a good one and just what I need to get out of my Molly Keane slump! Is her copy a VMC, too? That would be cool if it was her copy. I have been finding loads of shiny look-like-new VMCs at my favorite used bookstore. Apparently someone collected them but sadly passed away before reading them all. They are always in pristine condition. I hope they know (wherever they are) that I will love and read them and keep them all nice and tidy on my own shelves!


She's wonderful and I do hope you will find her on your shelves (or the library's or used bookstore....). I started with Two Days in Aragon and then have been reading the rest very slowly. She has an interesting personal story--a new bio was just released and I broke down and ordered it--can't wait until it comes in the mail! If you like Anglo-Irish lit, you will have to check her out!

Sam Sattler

I think that the problem is that readers, taken as a group, are almost always curious people (why else would they read so much?). The other side of that coin means that we are also probably, again as an overall group, pretty easily distracted. And that's a combination meaning that we will sometimes find ourself reading multiple books at a time.

That became my regular habit for a long time, and I often found myself reading seven or eight books at a time. I've tried to cut that number down this year, and so far have managed to do pretty well by keeping only one or two books going at a time.

And I'm certain that that won't last much longer. What can we do?


It's like a pendulum swinging back and forth, right? You find yourself gorging and overwhelmed and know you have to slow down. Then the minute it feels like it is under control again, you start looking through your TBR pile, or someone talks up a really interesting sounding book and then there you go again! I was sort of keeping it under control when the year started but now I find the pile growing again. If my free/reading time matched my bookish desires it might work out better, but alas...


What an excellent tease! Also, I like the cover of the book. Do the rabbits have anything to with the story?


That is a wonderful teaser and definitely I'd like to learn more about her. I hope you enjoy this book and the VMC book club reads. I haven't read a Virago in a while and should.


I've read only one Molly Keane, and would like to read more. I'm hoping my library has a copy of Good Behavior, but if not, will have to scour the internet as my used book store closed last year (weeping and gnashing of teeth).


Yes, those rabbits are the stew that is given to her mother that she hates and then dies from! Hah! :)


I love those VMCs and have two on the go now, and love them both. I am happy to get back to Molly Keane. You should pick up a VMC--at least you have to read one or two this year--and then it is the 40th anniversary, so you must celebrate!


She's really good, I think. Her later books are better than the earlier ones, but I have the whole lot of them and will read my way through them all eventually. I hope you find Good Behavior--I think I have seen a number of editions so I think there are lots of them floating around out there.

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