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And then things get really weird -- as if things weren't weird enough already! :) Glad you liked the book so much. You are going to turn into an SF fan yet!


I remember reading this at school, you've made me want to pick it up again.


Lovely's a good one isn't it! I love it when you find a new good author and you know ou have some treats in store. Trouble with Lichen is fun too ...I find it hard to pick a favourite..they all are very memorable and really re-readable.


Ok this definitely sounds weird and quirky and I am intrigued! I've been hearing a lot about Chocky lately too and think this is an author to check out. Great review, Danielle!


I remember seeing the movie many years ago, didn't realize it was based on a book.


Definitely would like to read this--quirky and weird can be good!

John Edwards

I think Midwich Cuckoos was one of two books that scared me when I was a child and first read it. The other was the Island of Dr Moreau by H G Wells. It would be interesting to see what my reaction would be to it as an adult.
P.S. I've just put my list of books read in 2016 on my Rambles blog.

gina in alabama

Trailers for the movie Day of the Triffids scared the stuffing out of me when i was a kid, have never watched it but want to read the book. Somewhere i remember hearing that the deal with cuckoos is they lay their eggs in other species nests thus forcing the other birds to raise the young cuckoss. The cukcoos destroy/kill the original birds' eggs/chicks.


Isn't that the truth. You should see what came next.... ;) Have you read John Wyndham? Or maybe Bookman has? He seems like an author you would like! Yes, I am easing into sci fi--I love this sort of story--if you can think of other sci fi titles along the same lines, do share!


It is very much worth a reread. I will certainly be hanging on to my copy.


Yes, I was surprised by how much I liked it, but then I had a taste of his writing with Chocky a while back so it was only a matter of time. Can't wait to read more by him and I do have Trouble with Lichen--as a matter of fact it was a contender when I was trying to decide which book to read by him next. They do seem like they would stick in your mind--I shall be thinking about this one for some time I think!


Chocky was a NYRB release in 2014 so it was recently reissued and maybe people are picking it up to read and write about. You should give him a try, I think you would like him very much, too!


I am curious about the movie now, but I liked the book so much I am not sure I want to try the movie. Did you see the original one from the 60s? It was remade not so very long ago.


Quirky can be very good. He certainly is a very memorable storyteller and if this is his version of weird, I am all for it!


I can see how it would! Not sure I would have managed it when I was young, but it is perfect now--lots there to think about. I also read Island of Dr Moreau and it came to mind as I was reading this one actually. It would make a good companion read as a matter of fact. Thanks for the link--I shall be checking it out!


I have yet to read (or watch the movie) Day of the Triffids, but I shall certainly be picking it up now. I was freaked out by Invasion of the Body Snatchers which I think is similar in theme. Your definition of cuckoo totally fits those Children in the book! I was looking for a good definition of it when I was writing my post and only came up with my description above, but yours is much better! I had no idea cuckoos were so evil!


Saw the original, didn't know they made a remake.

Buried In Print

Oh, I love how the SSAC Short Story Advent Calendar pops up in your posts: what a great reading experience, hmm? I'm sorry it's done and still enjoying the interviews now, as if the event was running for a second month!

The Day of the Triffids mini-series scared the snot out of my as a kid, but I will work up the nerve to read him eventually. Heheh Glad to hear that you've enjoyed the two you've read so much!


Remakes are rarely better than the original--I didn't look at the trailer for it (but I did for the original)--very creepy.


I *still* have to read that last story. Already I am getting behind in my planned 2017 short story reading. Sigh. I think they need to do one for Lent now! ;)
I will have to read Day of the Triffids this year and I bet it will, even as an adult, creep me out. I think the book has been made into a movie several times. I fear this will be a dystopian reading sort of year by chance and maybe by necessity.

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