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I was aware of "Room" though I have not read it. The others I was not aware of.

I do know that "Murder on the Orient Express" was inspired by the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh's child.

Judy Griffith

These all sound good. I have read two of them - The Girls which I really enjoyed. I was born in 1959 and this book really captured the feel of those times. I have read An American Tragedy twice and thought it a great book although it was set in a very different time period. THe Black Dalhia, Room and Alias Grace are all on my TBR list.


I tried to read Room at least twice and I tried to listen to the audio book but none of them worked for me. I just struggled with the little boy's narrative voice and could not get into the story. However I saw the movie and really liked it, so I guess that was my 'way into the story'! I had no idea Murder on the Orient Express was based on true events! I have yet to read that particular Christie (I feel like I am saving it for something special, but as it is coming out on film later this year I should get to it).


I have read Alias Grace about three times now! I really want to read The Girls, as I have heard good things about it. And I tried to read An American Tragedy--it is just such a massive book, but I would like to try again sometime. The Donnelly YA novel also is based on the same events and I *did* read and enjoy that one. I have The Black Dahlia, too. James Ellroy's books in general intrigue me-must get to him sometime soon.


I so loved the weight of water back in the days. And the black dalhia too. And the Law and the lady, come to think of it. Who knew I'd read so many true crime stories???

Buried In Print

Like Smithereens, I've read more of these than I thought I would've: guess I'm more interested in the idea than I knew! Alias Grace is a real favourite. I just reread it last year too. And I'm so keen to see the film!


I've only read The Law and the Lady, and I didn't realize it was based on true events. I really like the sound of A Northern Light--might have to give that one a try. I don't read much true crime--or true crime fiction--I'm not sure why. Perhaps like you I find the idea a bit chilling.


Love these posts as I always get lots of recommendations of books to read. I've been meaning to read The Girls by Emma Cline. Of course Alice Grace was wonderful!


I love Wilkie Collins and for a while was reading one or two books each year by him. He was so prolific there has been lots to read, but for the last few years I have gotten away from his books (sadly) as I seem to be reading fewer classics in general. I really liked the Anita Shreve (though read it years ago), but I have yet to get to The Black Dahlia. I keep meaning to dig out my copy--I would like to read some of his other books, too.


Apparently they creep up on you--it's funny how you think you have not read a particular genre or topic and then when you actually look....I think I have read Alias Grace like three times now (and would still read it again). Was it made into a movie? Will have to look it up now.


I think he did base some of his books on actual events--I guess it is not something new. Sometimes real life *is* stranger than fiction. But then I think a number of his books (and other Victorian writers) must have written their works as a reaction to the injustices of the time. I am more likely to read a novel based on a true crime than an actual nonfiction true crime book. Not sure why--what is the difference? I guess there is a sort of distance between what really happened and reading about such tragic things is really difficult sometimes.


I am on the fence about reading The Girls. I do want to--will wait until it comes out in paperback maybe. I think it is inspired by actual events yet it does its own thing, too. You know I love lists and am glad if you and other readers find something there to check out later!


What a list! I never think of Alias Grace being a true crime novel but it totally is.


Her story is so mesmerizing it is easy to just lose yourself in the storytelling and forget she might have drawn on actual history!

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