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Whoo hoo!!!!!


So wonderful! These pictures make me so happy.


Wow! It's great!


Hooray! You went! Great turnout too!


If there was a like button here, I'd click it! I was heartened to see all the marches this weekend. There was a huge one across the bay in St. Petersburg.


That is exactly how I was feeling on Saturday night! Now the trick is to keep that momentum!


It is really cool how many cities did this and it seems like more often than not the gatherings were much larger than anyone anticipated! It is a nice show of solidarity.


I was impressed since Nebraska is very firmly a red state. I was not sure what to expect, but my expectations were happily exceeded! And I heard there was a massive gathering in Paris, too!


I was not going to go, but I am so glad I did. It made me feel better, but now reality sets in and the real work begins, yes?!


I was on Twitter on Saturday and liking things left and right! :) That is great there was a big group in St. Petersburg. It feels good to hear other voices. I think many people (me included) have become very complacent and need to pay more attention to how the government works and the decisions being made!


Good for you, Danielle - and thank you.


Oh yes, most definitely. But it is nice knowing how many others are also out there working

Buried In Print

Such an inspiring event. Like you, I felt the sense of powerlessness shift after attending. And following the continuing efforts to rise up in America continues to inspire me!


It is nice to know there is a collective feeling about it all and a camaraderie of spirit as we all try and get through it together. And hopefully the spirit of others will keep us all from complacency!


It was inspiring to see so many people and felt good to be part of something so much bigger than myself and even just local gathering, but this went on all over the world! How cool is that.


I was feeling pretty low last week and seeing such a big group here locally made me feel far less alone. I think there will be lots of conversations going on now and lots of action, too!

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