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I'm so glad you are sticking with this book. I loved it when I read it and since it is a chunkster and I have so many other things to read I'm sure I'll never read it again. So I'm enjoying your reading updates and revisiting the book in that way.


I just put a postcard in the mail today asking how the book was going! I should have checked your blog first :)

Buried In Print

Past the halfway mark: you're sticking with it! Yay!


I really never mean to set it aside--sometimes I am just trying to finish some other books that are much shorter and then it has to wait a bit. I hate to admit that cutting it into smaller sections has been the best thing I could do with it!! It makes it so much easier to carry it around and even just read a few chapters--it all adds up over time. Hopefully I will be back on track for posting weekly or so as I finish the sections. Will you read A Suitable Girl? Which I have heard is a loose sequel, if I understand correctly.


Serendipity! It did sit unread for a while, so your question was a good one. I am trying to at least read a chapter or two every day. Slowly but surely....


I know--I have to stick with SOMEthing, since poor Jane Smiley is trying to be patient while I neglect it. I am on a less exciting section but it is short at least. It makes me want to hurry and finish it so I can get back to Lata's story!

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