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My local library has a blind-date-with-a-book display too; it's really charming! (Though when I tried to check one out, I couldn't - I was using a self-checkout machine/didn't feel like waiting to ask a staff member about it, but I suspect there must have been a hold on it).


I love the blind-date with a book idea. I wish my library was doing something like this. I think you've got the ride idea of treating yourself to your own valentine present. At least you know, it'll be something you'll enjoy! And, I can't wait to see your finished project.


Isn't it a great idea--it must be the trend at the moment. Too bad you couldn't check out the book you picked--I'm surprised they didn't clear the books of holds before they put them on display, but then sometimes weird things happen! Aren't you curious now what the book was?!


I don't work on displays--mostly it is the reference department--I must say they have had some really good displays of late, but I thought this one especially fun and I keep seeing patrons stopping and checking it out. I hope to finish the stitching on my pincushion (that is what I will turn it into) this weekend. And I have a good idea what I will buy for myself, too! :)

John Edwards

Jo and I will probably go for a meal and I'll buy her some flowers but we usually don't do it until the end of the month. I'm not mean but I really object to paying three times the usual price for flowers just because it's 14th Feb!
Whatever you do I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day - a date with Humphrey Bogart perhaps. :-)


Did you have a blind date? Your stitching project is zooming along and looking lovely!


I shared your blind date idea w my library this morning...& they started it this afternoon! Thanks for a great idea. I'll let you know what feedback they get.


It completely escaped me that it will be Valentine's day next week. So unromantic I have become..:) Thank you for reminding me and thus giving me the chance to better my life. Your stitching looks good!


We don't usually do anything about Valentine's Day in my family--it's just never been a tradition for us. That said, I'm planning to call my dad and step mom to tell them I love them. My parents are now of an age that I can't take them for granted anymore, and I need to keep in better touch. I recently called my mom, so she's not being left out--:) I might even do something nice for my husband and son--I'm feeling a little extra loving right now, and since we don't usually mark the date, it will be a nice surprise for them.


Actually it is quite nice to think you will have a treat to look forward to later on and why not celebrate some other day and make it special?! It is a little crazy here with all the flower and chocolate-buying! I am actually planning on going to a free screening of the Audrey Hepburn movie Sabrina. I managed to snag a ticket--hopefully it won't be all couples--but I suspect not. Anyway, the theater will be dark so it won't matter if I am alone anyway!!


Alas, I know which books are (mostly) under wraps so I will let others enjoy the surprise. Maybe I will get some book mail (even though I will have ordered it) and will have something of my own to open tomorrow. And I am nearly finished with the pincushion--literally just a few more motifs left to put in!


That is so cool--you'll have to let me know how it goes. I think we have checked out a lot of books off my table as I can hear my coworker wrapping more books each day.


I'm not sure really if I even am romantic these days--I have no opportunity to be so! :) I am sure there are more places on the earth where people won't be buying Valentines! I think I would rather have a special treat on some other day anyway!


That's actually much more the spirit of the day anyway--to tell someone you love them and are thinking of them! I know what you mean by paying extra attention and appreciating time spent together. Have fun whatever you decide to do with your husband and son!

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