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I love "detective in the shape of a Belgian!"

I dunno, I wouldn't go modelling yourself after me too much because if you pay close attention to the books I talk about you might notice some of them never get mentioned again or they disappear only to reappear several months later :) What Woolf are you going to read?


Ah I did not know that this was Christie's first mystery and how it came to be. Little did she know right? Can't wait to hear what you think of Human Flies.


Oh, I do enjoy Agatha Christie. I find that I can sometimes read them more than once and still not remember whodunit! I don't know how you can decide what to read, you have so many intriguing things lying around!


I am finding all sorts of things out about Poirot. It is fun meeting him literally for the first time. You do that, too? I just went through my sidebar and quietly removed a book or two that I was so enthusiastic about starting but the piles have shifted.... I am going to reread Mrs Dalloway (I think it will be my third time?) but first I have this slender collection of short stories about Mrs Dalloway's Parties--have you come across it? I found it recently and thought it looked like great fun.


I think she might have written some romance novels earlier, but I think this is literally the very first. I knew she started with Poirot and Miss Marple came later. It is fun to meet him on his first adventure! ;) I am enjoying Human Flies--sort of quirky, but in a good way, and very Agatha Christie-ish. I also like there is a young woman in a wheelchair who is this lovely intellectual crime solver!


I never give away any of my Christie novels and often when I can't choose a new book in a bookstore I will go to the mystery section and see which of her books I don't own. I want to read my way through her work and there is so much of it (well, the mysteries anyway--I want to read). It is SO hard sometimes choosing, which is why I end up with So many books on the go at once!


ooh, no, I have not come across those short stories. Are they by Woolf?


I believe the stories are: Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street, The Man Who Loved His Kind, The Introduction, Ancestors, Together and Apart, The New Dress and A Summing Up. Maybe these are also in other collections? It is a pretty little book, though, so I had to have it! ;)

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