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You have two very attractive options to choose from. I like the house better overall, but I see what you mean about the feeling of making progress. Those little motifs would add up quickly. Just like reading 10 pages a day in a thick book!


The Valentine's Day project came out very pretty! I liked the betrothed sampler. I think you should be totally subversive with the phrase! :)


If you sneaked in an N in front of ever ?

Just a thought....

(Love your needlework btw it's beautiful)

Christine Harding

I like both samplers, but think I prefer the betrothed one, and a subversive phrase. I have a box full of embroideries - it's the process of creating I enjoy. Recently my daughters took some, now I'm wondering if I can do something with some of the others. Cushions? Join them up in a patchwork cover? Applique on clothes


I have actually picked up the house sampler first as it already had some stitches put in and seemed the easiest one to start right away. I love house samplers, though all that initial solid stitching (I tend to work in the center out--first filling in the right side and then the left since I don't use a hoop but stitch 'in hand') is sort of tedious. I am working on the green vine at the moment, next to the house and it makes for more interesting work. But I love that Betrothed sampler and (like a book) always mean to start it. Maybe I will this weekend--variety is good!


It does look nice now that all the flowers are added. It will be even nicer when I pull out my sewing machine and turn it into a cushion. I have a number of 'finished' projects that just need to be sewn into something else. I think I will indeed go a little subversive with this one. It's my own creation once the stitching starts, so why not!


What a great idea and I am going to do just that!! I can stitch the 'N' a little unobtrusively--maybe over one thread rather than two. Thanks for the compliment--I wish I had more time to spend on stitching--I used to stitch far more but then I was reading less--such a hard trade off when you love doing both things!


I love that Betrothed Sampler, too. Although I have started working on the house (since it was already started and so easy to just pick right back up where I left off), I think I will also start the other one, too. I think it is the same for me--I love just working on samplers (or whatever project is in hand) as often when I finish, it just sits there waiting to be framed or sewn into something else. I like the idea of a patchwork quilt or hanging where you piece together lots of different designs. I tend to stick with little cushions of of laziness, but I have some pieces that are really meant to be connected together.

John Edwards

Oh yes, the 'N' sounds a great idea!


A little subversive, but it will make it truly my own work (well my own as inspired by my friends who gave the suggestion--lol).


I'm also onboard with being a bit more subversive! :)
These are a beautiful samplers and no doubt you'll have a lovely project in the end.


I have started the house design--only because the first stitches were already in, but then I discovered that I picked up at the wrong place and so have had to pick all those stitches out--so back the the beginning again, but I think I am finally on the right track....

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