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So glad you had such fun reading them! I am #19 at the library for volume 2. Maybe by the end of March I will get to read it? I hope so! That you are thinking of subscribing so you don't have to wait for the collection, that says a lot!


I just recently read volume 2 and cannot wait for more!!


Maybe you will get it sooner than later--it reads so fast that surely people will not hold on to their library copies for too long. It is such a wild story, but it ends with this cliffhanger and all these questions that I hate to think how long otherwise I will have to wait to know what happens! It just appeals so much more than Saga does at the moment. I am just assessing my (ah-) budget situation to see if I can afford to just subscribe to the upcoming 12 issues!


It's an addicting story, isn't it?!

Buried In Print

This sounds SO much better than those Archie comics ever were!


They are great fun--you should look for them. I only wish the library got individual comics so I could keep up on the story!

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