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I'm trying to stay keep my library borrowing in check but it's so hard when there are so many books I want to read. I have a hold on the Roxane Gay book as well but I have a feeling it will be a while as there's a long waitlist. And, wow, I did not realize the Auster book was a chunkster! I think I may stay away from that one for a while but looking forward to hearing what you think of it! Enjoy all of your library books.


I've read I SEE YOU and it was definitely a page turner. Have fun with your books - yes, they do tend to come and go and there are always more - right?


The thing saving me when it comes to the library is that I am trying to only use their digital library. So, the selection could be better... If I start going to the library again, I start ignoring my own shelves. I am attempting a happy medium. lol


So many of these have me anxious to put them on hold at my library, Danielle. You are not helping me with my own self-promise to read and finish what I have. haha Nine Folds . . . in particular is calling to me.


I'm almost through my huge pile of library holds! But it's taken me a good couple of months, and now I'm itching to put some more books on those VMC books (Jan. & Feb.), and more. Must. Read. From. TBR. Pile...(which is getting out of control again). Sigh. I know there's good stuff in that pile, too, so will resolutely turn away from the library catalog.


Nice list! I haven't read any of them but there are so many good ones to choose from I would be hard pressed to decide!


You are wise. I just picked up four of those books. I ended up letting the Auster go to the next person as I thought it unlikely I would get to it. I am lucky that the Gay book was at the library where I work which rarely has waiting lists for popular novels but then we don't get as much of a selection as the public library. I need to pick one to read now....always a nice thing.


Oh, that is good to know. I just picked it up today and will be browsing my pile tonight to choose one! I had to leave two behind to keep the pile manageable (hah) but I still am going to have a hard time choosing.


I use my library's ebook collection, too, but it is pretty limited. It is nice you don't have to lug them back and forth at least! ;) I am still reading more books from my own shelves, so I guess I need to be even more selective on my library holds. So hard to control myself!


Does your library offer a virtual 'save for later' option? I try and use that but I tend to just get in line. At least it is a way to remember the new books that look interesting. I just brought Nine Folds home and can't wait to browse it as I make a choice on which to read.


Yay. You are very good. I tend to just drag mine back and forth and look at them in between. I am going to pick one, however, to try and really read (before it needs to go back!). I have two VMCs on the go right now and thoroughly enjoying them both! It is nice, though, to know you are not empty handed and have a great pile of books at home to spend time with!


Yes, that is exactly what I am finding. Maybe the shortest or the one that has no line of people standing behind me telling me to hurry up and finish reading?!

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