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I am going to repeat myself, yet with this new Maisie Dobbs that is permitted. Fabulous. So sad Jacqueline Winspear's series has, in our library, never been added to since the first two, which I own - albeit tucked away in a box just now- thanks to a very generous lady overseas:). Such an interesting time starting In this Grave Hour.


Yay for starting new books! I just finished two, so of course I started reading three new ones :)

Sam Sattler

You can only hold off those nagging books for so long...then you just have to give in and pick them up.

I'm moving in the same direction lately, having gotten tired of reading books one-a-time again.Three new ones added this week: Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles," Alana Cash's "Jolie Is Somewhere," and "Living with Bob," a book about a woman who has been keeping the same book list/journal for 28 years and takes it with her wherever she goes. That last one intrigues me because I've kept a list of "books read" by hand in a small journal for 47 years myself. Can't wait to see what she has to say.


It is a pity that your library has not continued to buy the books--I am a little surprised as her books do have a good following and she is popular. At least you have a few tucked away in reserve for later! ;) It is sort of weird how literature mirrors real life so often.....


Of course! See, it is better to have an extra in case something has to go back to the library sooner rather than later or if something just turns out to be a wrong book at the wrong moment and you decide to leave it for later.... I understand completely! ;)


Every morning I look at my TBR pile and pick up a few to peruse as I eat breakfast. Almost always they just go back to the pile, but it makes me feel like I have something good to look forward to. Of course sometimes I can't resist and just know the time is right to actually tuck one or two....into my bookbag. Sometimes it feels like I am reading the same books for-Ever and then I really do need an infusion of some new story! I love Ray Bradbury but have only read his shorter fiction (short stories and several reads of Fahrenheit 451)-really must read more of his work. I am very intrigued by Living with Bob--or a very long time I also kept journals with the books I read along with the dates I finished them. I have gone over to using an Excel spreadsheet online, but I do miss having a paper journal. I could easily start another one for this year. Maybe I need to do just that!


I'm eagerly looking forward to the new Maisie Dobbs and am glad she is working as a private detective again. I enjoy that series and the characters have taken so many turns in their lives that I wonder where they are going next. Coincidentally, I just started a non-fiction book by Francine Prose called Reading Like a Writer. From your description, it sounds like her fiction is good, too. So many books, so little time, but what a good time we have with the books we have time for!


Yes, this is one mystery series that really focuses on the characters lives. Talk about major upheavals--I think everything that could happen, has happened! Of course more than a dozen books out now means the author has had lots of time to add to their life stories. That's right--I forgot about that Francine Prose book that is about reading and writing--I think I might have a copy somewhere on my shelves (or maybe I am just thinking of a library copy I borrowed....will have to go in search of it). I am really enjoying the novel--it was made into a film and now I think I might look for the adaptation when I finish the book!


I love starting new books. I'm so glad you mentioned the Maisie book because I wasn't quite up to date on when the latest would be out. I've already gone and placed a hold at my library!


Me, too! I am very much enjoying the new Maisie mystery--it is an egalley, too, and I had better step things up as I think it expires the day it comes out in bookstores, so I have less than two weeks to finish reading. I have placed a hold at the library, too (just in case), but I am well down the list so it will be a while until I get a physical copy.


The Francine Prose book I really like is Bigfoot Dreams. It's a gloriously weird book about a tabloid writer who makes up a story that turns out to be true.


That sounds like great fun actually--I will have to go in search of it. I didn't realize that she was such a prolific writer and had been writing so long. I am very much enjoying Household Saints, though it is tinged with a bit of sadness. Still her writing is really good--she tells a great story!

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