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Love that little library. I have yet to come across one, but I enjoy the pictures that others share. I selected DEAD LETTERS as my Book of he Month choice. Look forward to reading it, but I've been saying all over that I find the cover really creepy. It's just wrong somehow. Good luck with your computer. Hope your refund comes quickly!


Too bad you'll have to spend your tax return on a new computer, but at least you will have that money to use. I know what it's like to have a computer die on me, and it's not fun. Hope yours limps along until its replacement arrives.

Oh, I do like the sound of your library books, especially Dead Letters and Girl in Disguise. Hope you can enjoy a little extra reading time since your computer won't be beckoning quite so much right now.


Oh, I also meant to say that it's so cool that you found one of the little libraries. I love that idea. I looked up Florida on the map, and there are quite a few here, though none near me.


What fun to find a Little Library not too far away. I know I was tickled to see one has been set up at the elementary school on one of our dog walking routes. You are reminding me that I have some books to share there! It's such a cool idea. Enjoy your library books--looks like you have some great finds!


I hope you like the Hidden Life of Trees! I am on a very long waiting list for Homegoing at my library, something like number 234! I'll probably get my turn some time this summer.


Yay, so nice that there's a Little Free Library near you. There are three that I know of within walking distance of me, none of which are on the map - one is in a community garden (and is positioned close enough to the fence that it's sometimes possible to reach through and deposit a book or take a book even when the garden is shut - depends how the books are positioned), one is on the side of a soup kitchen, and one is just on the sidewalk mid-block on a residential street.


It was pure chance I spotted it. I am not sure why it does not appear on their map (I looked), so I guess no one officially registered it. Dead Letters looks good and I dipped into the first few pages and it 'reads good' too! I agree, the cover does set quite a mood!


It is a bummer, but I will try and just use a little and finance the rest (usually they have deals where if you pay by a certain date in the future they won't charge interest), so I won't have to spend the money (since it is also earmarked for some home improvement projects, too). I hate even turning the machine on and avoid it as much as I can. It will be weird getting used to a laptop but I will appreciate it in the summer when it is so hot upstairs in that room. Now I can move it somewhere cool easily. Both those books look really good--not sure I will get to them before the due dates, but I will just get in line again.... (I am notorious about that).


I have seen a few others that are not near my house but that I have seen from the bus ride on my way home from work--maybe when the weather is nice I can go looking for them. They are great ideas. I wonder if anyone will have taken the books I left--will have to check that out--a good excuse to go for a walk now, yes?! ;)


This one is in front (sort of) a church and I think they have youth activities--hence the large number of kids books! It is a nice way to recycle books you know you are finished with!


Wow, now that is quite a long line! I think even if I have to get back in line for the Hidden Life of Trees it won't be too long a wait. I am not moving very quickly with any of my NF reading and my novels seem to have sprouted and grown, too. I need to take a good long look at what I have on the go and Reassess!!


I was thrilled to find it--not right in my neighborhood, but close. Now I will try and walk over there more regularly. It's too bad not all the little libraries have been registered as there might be one close by and you would never know! It sounds like your little libraries are in good areas that get foot traffic, so maybe the selections are changed often! :)


I love seeing pictures of the little free libraries. We have a couple in our neighborhood and they seem to have lots of books in them. I do see people stopping by them and picking out books so it's fun to see other readers enjoying them. I need to drop off some books there but I too would love one right out front my door. I think that would be so fun. Glad to hear you are enjoying Homegoing. I almost picked that up this weekend but ended up going with something else.


I wonder if this little library gets lots of attention and people swapping out books as it is on a quiet-ish sort of street. I will make a point of walking by there more often as the weather turns nicer and add to their selection! You will have to grab Homegoing on one of your upcoming library visits--I think you would like it!

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