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You are moving along! Are you almost halfway or have you gone over the half mark already?


Yeah--I forgot to mention that in my post but I am past the 600 page mark and nearly to the official halfway stage! I am very much into the story once again--my only (main) problem is not enough reading time!


Woo! good job on being halfway! I hear you on not having enough time to read.

Sam Sattler

You are proving that slow and steady persistence is the way to tackle those books that have taunted us for years and years. I may find the courage to finish War and Peace one of these days if I can keep this in mind...and maintain a family tree of sorts for the book. Heck, it took me six tries over a number of years to finally finish Moby Dick...and I celebrated like a fool. It felt good to get that one behind me. Keep on keeping on...


I never read very much on the weekends sadly--less today as I didn't get to the gym as I had my film class. I hate that--it makes me feel sort of disjointed. But I am making progress even if it is slow!!


You know it is really amazing if you just slowly chip away at a book. I try and read at least one chapter a day and those pages do add up. I didn't even realize at first that I had made it past page 600! That feels like a lot to me even though the book is something like 1400 pages. You should pull out War and Peace and try for 5 pages a day. Maybe you will get so caught up in the story you will want to read beyond those 5 pages. I have never attempted Moby Dick, though I did read W&P. My last long book (Clasic) failure was Steinbeck's East of Eden which is actually really good and a page turner since it is so dramatic, but I think I just let myself get distracted. Now I will just have to go back and start from the beginning again when I get back to it, which I hope to do someday. And yes, it does feel really good when you finish a chunky classic like those. I think for a while I was on a roll with big books like that--wish I could get back into a regular habit again.

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