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I'm so glad that you liked this as much as I did. I didn't expect it to be this good and this different. Like you, I thought at first it would be difficult and too experimental but it wasn't.
I have never read anything like it. there's so much careless writing out there, it was a pleasure to read something that has been thought through like this.
Thanks for reading along and for the reveiw.. I'll add your post to mine.


Btw - I started Hrabal's book and I think it's another winner.


I finished it a while ago but had a hard time writing about it in a way that didn't give details away. Using the fragments as a way of telling the story was so perfect considering what the book was about. I have never read anything from this particular perspective and it was so well done! I would love to read more of her work--I think my library has some of her other books, but I have not yet done in search of them (considering how large my reading stack is at the moment). I am so glad you chose this book--I don't think I would have found it otherwise!


I have my copy pulled out and am contemplating whether it would be best to read the intro first or just dive right in. I am glad to hear you like it so far--maybe I will start reading it now, too!


Magnus sounds like one of those reads that one can bite into and never want to stop. It is now on my TBR list, Danielle, with appreciation to you and to Caroline, too.


Intriguing. I would be willing to give it a shot, based on praise from you and Caroline. Especially since I (still) am looking to read more books that have been translated from their original language into English.


Sylvie Germain also wrote a spiritual biography of Etty Hillesum, did you know that? I now want to read Magnus as well.


Ooh, this sounds really good!

Are you going to read Closely Watched Trains? I read it a number of years ago and liked it.


I wish mine had a foreword. I'm reading the French translation. I'll also watch the movie. I'm curious how they will compare.


The movie is a classic--at least it has gotten into the Criterion Collection. It looks pretty good--and I think it either won an award or was up for one. I hope it helps--I scanned my intro and emailed it to you! It does shed a little light on the novel--don't mind my scribblings in the margins, please!


It was really well done. It was such a heavy topic that never felt like a book you really didn't feel like picking up. I quite enjoyed Magnus's 'voice'. I am happy Caroline has picked such great books for her readalong--always nice to read outside my comfort zone and to end up really liking the books!


It is very much a worthy read and I think you would like it. If high schoolers chose it as a favorite--well, that tells you something! I need to read more translated books to my reading pile--I had hoped to get to more by now, but there are still months of good reading ahead.


I didn't know that--I know she has written other novels. I will have to look it up--I would love to read more of her work. And Magnus is a really well done novel! One I can warmly recommend!


Yes, I have it out now and have just barely started reading it. So good to hear you enjoyed it and that it still has stuck with you!

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