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As I read Brunonia Barry's The Fifth Petal with all the references to the Salem Witch Trials, I couldn't help but pick up Stacy Schiff's The Witches. One's fiction, the other non, but it will be interesting to see what the comparisons are,


That's exactly the sort of thing I do as well. I like pairing a novel with nonfiction--getting two sides to the same story. I have meant to read Stacy Schiff (I have her Cleopatra biography) and I have Brunonia Barry's first novel The Lace Reader, too.... sigh. So Many books.


So much delicious reading! I am hoping to read The Tempest and then Atwood over the summer. And my turn just came up again for Lesser Bohemians. I had it from the library in January and got 30 pages in and had to send it back. I will have to start from the beginning again but that's ok since I hadn't gone far anyway!


I love a literary pairing, and haven't done one myself for a long while. I especially like the last one on your list. I just came across Lillian Boxfish yesterday, coincidentally, and the title intrigued me.

One book DOES lead to another, and mostly that's a good thing!


I also had a little dip into the Lesser Bohemians and must say I am very intrigued. I have been picking up The Tempest in anticipation but I have not yet been able to start it properly. I want to read all the books I carry about, but then time is always against me, or I just get caught up with another book and the others lose their 'turns'.


I like pairing books but then the size of my reading pile becomes more and more massive that it seems to somehow work against me! I *could* read the books one after the other rather than trying to tackle them simultaneously--lol. I seem to have lots of books about walking at the moment!

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