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Buried In Print

That sounds like a fascinating reading experience. Are you planning to watch the film? I wonder what layers of the story are most prominent there. (And I find it so curious how many films are available in their entirety on YT: often rather literary ones, too!)


I am going to try and see if the Youtube video will work on my poor computer. It would be interesting to see, even if it is on a small screen. I can see how this would be very visually 'filmable' if that makes sense! And I have a feeling I might even like it better as a movie.


What a fascinating read. I bet this is one that would be great to discuss with a book group because there are so many layers and questions to explore. You find such interesting titles through NYRB.


Ooh, this sounds really interesting. NYRB comes through again!


Yes, a book club would be perfect for this book. I love those NYRBs--they are certainly mind expanding and perfect for trying something new. I am always surprised by my subscription books!


I was looking at my list of NYRBs that I have received through my subscription thinking I really need to pick up another unread book--or that I could happily have a stack on the go of those alone and have lots of wonderful reading ahead of me! It is always a good investment that subscription....

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