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I'm sure you can do this Danielle! Enjoy the book and looking forward to your review. Unfortunately I've not read anything by this author but will wait to hear if you think the book is a must!


It's funny to read this because I just added Loving by the same author to my to-be-read pile based on an enthusiastic recommendation by Francine Prose who says he's a master of dialogue. She also talks about his insight into his characters' behavior. If she had said all the things that are in your introduction, I'd never have wanted to read the book! So I look forward to hearing about your adventures with this earlier book. I hope you enjoy it.


I have read him, and I like him a lot, though I prefer Loving to Living. My advice - just throw yourself in and read. His style will soon become familiar and it really is easy to understand once you are used to it.

Cosy Books

I've read 'Loving' and 'Back'. Both were excellent, Danielle, so just start reading and don't overthink things too much. Before you know it, you've settled in. If it's not going well perhaps it's just the mood you're in...but don't give up.


I am rather fond of modernist fiction so now you have me all curious! Drat! One more for the TBR.


I am getting into the rhythm of the writing so am getting on with it now much better! I do like his writing-a little different than I am used to but it's good to read outside your comfort zone sometimes, right?!


Maybe I should have waited to read that intro?! It is good but it did make me a little wary. I had never read him before and just assumed he was straightforward in a Barbara Pym or Muriel Spark sort of way. I would say Francine Prose knows what she is talking about and please do not put off reading him by my uncertainty. I have read a little criticism that seems to have helped guide me so I know what to expect and am getting on much better now with it. It just took me by surprise, but now I sort of like that unusual style. And yes, he has a very good ear for dialogue!


Good to know as I have Loving on my TBR pile! And yes, you are right, it is better to just jump in and keep going until things click rather than worrying about something being over my head--I do that too often and don't finish or avoid books I think I would normally really like. The lack of definite articles is quirky but you really do get used to it. (Maybe when I am reading other books they will just make the prose feel messy--lol).


Yay--since I have Loving and now think I might want to order the other nice new NYRB reissues. I do overthink things too much and get put off when I really should not. I am pressing on and think I will like the book very much in the end--and it sounds like his other books, later works get even better. I won't give up-thanks for the nudge! :)


You absolutely have to try him now. I am sure your library will have his books--go grab Living and read it alongside me..... Why wait for the TBR pile.... wink wink wink


You are wicked!


Just think of me as that little devil that sits looking over your shoulder at the pile of books on your night table! ;)

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