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I can think of no better way for you to dip into poetry than this, Dover Beach. I did not know this poem, but, now do and am so glad you posted it and enjoying it.
This stanza called to me as I read it (yes, aloud, but, I'm alone right now) :

The Sea of Faith
Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore . . .

This is a lovely, lovely poem.


I am so glad you enjoyed your first dip into this book. An embarrassingly long time ago I found a very small blank notebook, (not fancy) and added a piece of ribbon as a marker and for quite a period of time every time I came across a poem that I loved I added it to this note book, I also included short extracts and quotes. I remember I was inspired by Commonplace books.
It gave me a lot of pleasure as it was small enough to carry about and dip into at odd moments. It became a very personal anthology and was quite a mixture of poems and prose. A few weeks ago I came across it (them actually and it was such a lovely surprise. My brother has the ability to store poems in his head... I've always had to write them down....I never remember the whole thing ...just a tantalizing part haha .also among a suitcase of family papers and books I found a small black note book full of poems written out neatly so I'm not the first to enjoy this. But I have to confess though that my scruffy Biro entries don't match the brown ink beautiful copperplate of the past. Happy reading!


"Lovely sadness" is a great way to describe "Dover Beach". And now I can hear the roar of the waves and the rattle of the stones on the beach. Thank you for sharing.


Isn't it lovely? A nice find for the middle of the week. There is something soothing about it and I bet it 'sounds' nice, too, aloud! And I can see why people revisit poems over and over again! ;)


I wish I was as eloquent as any of these poets--but I will certainly have to look up more of Matthew Arnold's poems now. It has lovely imagery and I like that I can hear it as well as see it!


I have long thought it was cool how people *used to* have to learn poetry and could recite it by heart and it was much more common for people to carry around poetry books than I am sure it is now. Weird really since we are supposedly so short attention-spanned these days. Poems and short stories would seem perfect for this current culture. I love the idea of a commonplace book--I have heard of them and I should really see if I can start one. I underline like crazy and there are some passages I truly would love to remember. It is just getting into the Good habit of doing it. What a treat to come across the books now and look back. If I do do it, mine would never look so lovely either! But it is still such a great idea. Happy reading to you, too! :)


Yay! You know I am all for reading poetry! And I do find it is nice to have a quiet moment at the end of the day by reading a poem. Only trouble is, that sometimes one is so good I have read another and another and ... :)


I know! You and Cath always inspire me. I have been carrying this book about and another poem may even show up here this week! I can see what you mean by wanting to gorge yourself just a little on one or two....more poems!

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