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Elizabeth Schmid

So glad to have revisited your blog after a gap! The Natalia Ginsberg sounds fascinating - and I really must really must get to Henry Greene.
Happy reading and happy spring!
I’m reading Trollope just now but need something neww.


Both of these titles definitely sound challenging in good ways! I don't necessarily have a book stack for April yet but I feel like it may be a month of mysteries and poetry.


Hi Elizabeth--so nice to hear from you! I took a peek at your recent photos and they are lovely. So lucky to have such magnificent views! I really like Natalia Ginzburg and need to search out her other books. Henry Green is a bit of a challenge but I like him--just slower going than other writers. And I really really do need to read Trollope. His books seem so hefty, but sometimes that is a really good thing!


It is poetry month this month, isn't it. Maybe I should try and read a little poetry, too. I always seem to have a stack going.... I am reading a Japanese crime novel at the moment--am in the mood to spend a little time in that part of the world!

Buried In Print

Wow, I can't believe we read our first Ginzburg in 2011. How the pages do fly! I've put a hold on this "new" one from NYRB, but there are a couple of people ahead of me yet. How lucky that you have a subscription to distract you from your other reading every month! Hee hee.


Omg, I read the War ages ago and it was so raw!! it is a memorable read but to be approached with caution. I'm sure you can find my review on my blog. Let me know what you think about it!


Hooray for reading showers! The Ginzburg sounds really interesting.


Scary how quickly those years slip away. I like this one a lot--she has such an interesting voice. I set aside a few of her other books at work--something to look forward to this work week! :) Distractions abound between my NYRBs and what shows up at my work! I am slipping behind in my reading of my subscription books, however, The Green is challenging. I have a Maupassant, too, which I want to read but just need to find the time to squeeze it in..... Luckily they are all relatively short.


Thanks--I will look for it! I suspected it might not be an easy read even if it is about the end of the war. Maybe in some ways that was just as dire as living through it all. I have read her The Lover and North China Lover (tried to read Hiroshima Mon Amour, but if I recall correctly either I didn't stick it out or was afraid even to start reading.


I like authors who play with memoirs/um fiction, well whatever it really is. She writes well--she has quite the interesting family--her father was something else!

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