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Buried In Print

So many fine choices!

Is there a connection between Alex and Irene? I seem to remember wanting to read Alex but finding there was another book, not yet available in English, which I would've wanted to read first.

The title story in my Mavis Gallant collection is set in Paris of course (The Other Paris) but I don't think I've been hanging out there on the page otherwise.

If you choose a Maigret carefully, you could also participate in the 1951 bookclub read for next week!


Yes, this is the first book in a trilogy, though he maybe has written other crime novels (and am not sure he didn't write more about this particular character). Irene is the detective's wife.... Alex is....hmmm, a victim..... in the second book. Alex was a little on the violent side (why I have waited to go back and read this one--they were translated/released out of order), but very suspenseful.

Poor Mavis. I had such high hopes for my short story reading and it is my big 'failure of the year'....but I should at least read one of her stories. I know there must be loads of them out there--and I seem to recall I might have a Paris collection by her? Must have a look at the shelves.

There is a 1951 bookclub? It is Maigret oriented or just the year? Can you tell I am Sooooo out of the loop with what is going on in the reading world!! (sigh).


Oh, those first few choices sound tempting indeed! On the list they go--perhaps I will join you in Paris. I am a book glutton (or drunkard, like L. M. Montgomery) as well.

If you want to add some memoirs set in Paris to your list, you could add Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod or Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard. These are contemporary memoirs rather than those from an age past, and they should add a little romance to your reading.

I can't imagine life without reading, so I find it hard to imagine what people who don't read could find as pleasurable as the choosing of a book to read, "the chase" when you're after a particular book that's hard to find, and the delicious feeling of being immersed in a story, true or otherwise.


I could have pulled more books and added them to the pile, but I decided to just focus on a few and not be too greedy. I like LM Montgomery's take on it (books can make a person a little drunk! :) ). I might have to add one of the books you suggest to my pile, however, I do like the idea of a little French romance (the Bard book looks especially fun--why don't those sorts of things happen to ME?--lol). Maybe I should take one of my 'Paris' books to a coffee shop that serves French pastries or macarons? Now That would be fun! A little cafe au lait and a croissant and a book. Now I wish I could click my heels together and wish myself there! And thank goodness for books since I can do it that way!


I cannot imagine not reading. Like you said, non-readers are sure missing out! I haven't read a book set in Paris in a while and unfortunately the last two books I can think of were not that great. So hopefully my next Parisian read will make up for those!


There are a lot of books out there set in Paris--lots of contemporary fiction and sometimes I think writers just choose the city for the romantic locale, but quality is not quite as high sometimes with so many of the books. The Gremillon is enjoyable so far, though, as it has a bit of mystery to it.


I have to encourage you to read about Paris, with the hope that you one day come to visit IRL! I had mixed feelings about the Gremillon (although it is rivetting) and Maigret is always a good idea. I read the 3rd book in the Verhoeven trilogy and it was a bit too much for me. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!!


So many to choose from! But then that is all part of the fun, isn't it? :)


Too bad I cannot click my heels together and wish myself there now! Did you write about the Gremillon? I have not read it for a few days (trying to finish a few other things) so I must get back to it this week. Now you have me very curious. I am a little afraid of the Verhoeven--he is not for the faint of heart so I will surely reach for Maigret first! I have a Maupassant novel set in Paris, too, I want to read.... So many choices.


Yes and yes. As I reply to comments on all the books on my nightstand, I think--when I finish here I am going to pick up That one next and then no, That one next, and then, oh wait maybe that Other one next! Ha. Crazy.

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