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Can I confess that I am so far out of the blogging loop that I didn't realise there was one useless aren't I haha and I hadn't heard of Bailey's ...So even if you feel out of it do keep me informed of the bigger book World ...which I appreciate. As even if I only glimpse it now and then ..I think it's good to stay in touch and not succumb to being a hermit book recluse! lol (although somedays that does have an attraction)

Amanda R.

I was disappointed that the Essex Serpent didn't make the short list. This is odd because I haven't read The Essex Serpent yet. For some reason I've decided that I really like that book.


You can and I totally agree with being outside the loop but it's good to peek in now and again (come up for air sometimes is how I like to think of it). I watch book prize lists in part for work since we often order books from them for the library collection, but also because I am always on the lookout for new-to-me good books and those lists often have all sorts of hidden gems on them. Actually I am in a hermit mood right now, though. I could use a few quiet days of hiding out with just my books for company!


I have not yet read it, but I am eager to do so--I was disappointed to not see it there as well (since it would have meant an excuse to go get it now and read). I have a copy and will be reading it, but now it will wait until I get through some of the other books on the shortlist. I have heard really good things about the book but then a few not so good things, so I am looking forward to getting a taste of my own!


Haven't read any of the books. Lots of these sound good and I just wish I could find more time to include more books in my schedule :)


I'm in the middle of three of them right now. I hope to finish one this weekend and then can add a new one into the mix. But easier said than done--time is always a problem!!


I want to read The Power very much! I heard about it in the fall and am really disappointed it hasn't been published here yet. Hopefully it will soon!


Maybe they will move up the publication date since it is probably getting lots of press. I am not sure why it appeals less than the others for me, but there you go. I will probably love it when I do get to it.

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