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Joan Kyler

I read The Forgotten Garden seven years ago. Although I don't remember any details, I remember liking it. Katherine S. White's Onward and Upward in the Garden is one of my favorite gardening books.


I finished The Forgotten Garden very recently; a friend recommended it. At first I thought it was not going to be for me...I didn't like Nell at all, but stuck with it & soon found I didn't want to put it down. SPOILER ALERT!! I decided at the end that the whole book was about 3 women who lost their mother at an early age & how it affected their lives. And lost doesn't necessarily mean death. I'm ready for another Kate Morton book.

Looking for a non fiction gardening book? Try Diane Ackerman's Cultivating Delight. Not a how-to but a why-I garden book. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


Oh those all sound so delicious! I would be hard pressed to choose though those essays are especially tempting!


Hard choices! I read ( and enjoyed) the Katharine White essays and The Forgotten Garden, but the Shakespearean garden and the sea garden sound very enticing! Look forward to seeing what you choose!


I decided to read the Kate Morton novel and so far so good. She has me very curious. It is a chunky book but I think it will read quickly so maybe I can get in two of these books this month! I am so glad to hear that about the White book of essays, now I am more keen than ever to try it out. I am just an armchair gardener, but I do find gardens really interesting to read about!


I have started the Morton, and you are right that Nell is pretty prickly and rather secretive--but it is early days yet so I have not gotten to know the characters enough to form an opinion--she has me wanting to read on however--always a good sign. I read your spoiler but I don't think you have ruined anything--just made me more intrigued! I like Diane Ackerman--I read he book on the senses a long time ago and have always meant to read more of her books. I wonder if this one is lurking on my shelves somewhere-it looks familiar. Or maybe I have just looked at it numerous times thinking I really should read this..... ;) I am definitely more of a why person when it comes to gardening--I mostly murder plants when I try my hand at growing things. But I like reading about gardening!


Don't they all sound really good. I am going to try and read at least two this month--I didn't manage it last month but that's okay. It is a fun way to pick a book I might not otherwise have chosen just now. It's been fun so far!


I want to try and get to the Lawrenson as I feel like reading something set near the ocean, but in the end I have picked up the Morton first. I will definitely try at least one of the White essays--I don't seem to be doing very well reading NF this year, though I certainly have been buying plenty of books! Glad to hear you enjoyed the two you read!


I have the Morton lurking somewhere about and I know that I have one of Deborah Lawrenson's books although I think it is The Lantern.
I'm actually reading The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick at the moment and really loving it! It is like a lovely mixture of Elin Hilderbrand, early Alice Hoffman and Chocolat-era Joanne Harris all set in Cape Cod - absolute perfection for me! I will definitely be getting my paws on The Forbidden Garden and Into the Heart of the Garden sounds very enticing too.


I read The Lantern and liked it. I think you would enjoy it. I want to go back and read The Sparrow Sisters since they are talked about in such a familiar way in her second book I felt like I was missing out on backstory. Anything like Chocolat has to be good. So far The Forgotten Garden is good, though my copy is a chunky book to carry about.


Sounds like you've got lots of great choices ahead. I have The Forgotten Garden on my shelves along with several other of her books now that I think about it. Enjoy your Garden themed read!


She is one of those authors I seem to collect and I have owned this one for a really long time so I am happy to Finally get to it. This is my kind of gardening--lol.


Nice list, several books tempt me, especially The Forbiden Garden. I like books about restoring things--gardens, houses, etc. I did read The Forgotten Garden and liked it, if I recall correctly.

To go with your garden-themed reading, you might enjoy the BBC mystery series Rosemary and Thyme. They're landscape gardeners who solve mysteries! Great fun.


Since we are now (yikes) mid month I need to step up my reading of the Morton so I stay on track. I think it will read quickly once I spend more time with it. I have been reading Their Finest (loved the movie), but for some reason it has taken me SO long to finish it. I think you mentioned those mysteries before and they sound really good. I must check them out as I am sure I would enjoy them, too. Maybe it would inspire me to spend more time on my own yard/landscaping--hah.

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