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I have got to get around to reading this. I love the movie, and I love The Stepford Wives and A Kiss Before Dying. I wish more people read A Kiss Before Dying. It's one of the most perfectly plotted books I've come across. (And I suggest reading as little as possible about it or the movie before you read it.)


After reading your comment on Friday I was all set to start Kiss Before Dying and even pulled it from its stack, but as is often the case with my reading (and especially on weekends) I got sidetracked. But I am looking forward to it and I shall definitely not read anything about it before starting--part of the thrill of reading is to have a story just unfold as I go! I think he is a wonderful writer--probably very underappreciated! I think the movies are so iconic that the books tend to be overlooked. I plan on reading much more of his work (though maybe will have to skip the sequel to Rosemary's Baby!).


What fun! Glad you enjoyed this one so much. Would have been a perfect RIP book, but then a person doesn't need to confine her "scary" reading to the fall :)


I was thinking the same thing--perfect RIP reading, but then he has other books I hope to read as well, so maybe I will save them for later. Here it is only April and the weather slowly turning nice and I am thinking of Fall reading! ;)

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