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This sounds excellent. I will look for it when it comes out in the U.S. I love combining a good and entertaining story with a peek into the lives of people very different from myself--especially a culture and country I am not at all familiar with. Thanks for the review!


This sounds really good! I am going to save your post so I will remember to add it to my library list in August :)


It was so good--I am glad I picked it up as I grabbed it when it came into the library but then it sat in my desk checked out but unopened as I wasn't sure it appealed so much to me. When it made the Baileys shortlist I took it home and right from the first pages she had me hooked. I wonder if they will release it sooner since it is up for an award. I hope she is writing more as she is a very good writer!


If it was my copy I would send it up to you, but I gave it back to the library! We are lucky as we usually order the whole longlist even if some of the books have to come from the UK. These days, with the Book Depository--it is not any more expensive to get paperbacks from abroad (except books that come from Australia which are always really expensive!). I think you will like it!

Buried In Print

I've been on hold for this one since the longlisting and am slowly moving up (which is fine, really, because I have too many others on the stack right now as it is). It sounds just great!


It's worth waiting for and I really loved it. There is so much to the story and it is so well written. She is one of my great finds this year. Now this is the reason I really need to be better about reading outside my comfort zone. To be honest stories about marriages and about families appeal to me less since my life does not in any way really reflect that sort of lifestyle, but of course in the end, it should not matter right? The idea of reading is to read about lives unlike your own (at least sometimes).


What a great review of this! I'm sold and definitely want to get my hands on a copy. I'm also going to be checking out Saraba Magazine.


I would be totally happy if this one won the prize. It is worth watching for--I think it gets published here in the fall. And I need to see what I can read online, too, when it comes to Saraba Magazine!

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