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Thanks for mentioning the readalong. I'm almost finished. I wasn't aware that it has several very distinct parts. They are all raw and won't leave you cold.


Interesting teaser. With Anais Nin Duras has been on my want to read list of authors for a very long time already. I am looking forward to reading your view on the memoir.


I may not finish by the end of the week but I will finish the book as soon as I can. I like her writing style very much but as with any war memoir it is a little heart wrenching. I will be curious to see what the other sections are like--I had no idea what to expect! I did finish the Hrabal by the way, just have not been able to write about books of late. It was an interesting story--a little loopy and absurd and the ending surprised me quite a lot. I have only been able to watch the first half of the movie, too, so far.... Life has just gotten really busy at work!


I want to read Anais Nin, too, and have a number of her diaries. I always thought I would like to read all the diaries in the order she kept them--maybe someday--a nice project. I do like Duras--always mean to read more of her fiction, but I like this memoir--am always fond of a good memoir. I hope you are well Cath (I have a package I need to mail to you--so sorry I am a little disorganized so it is not going to reach you for your birthday, but maybe still something nice to look forward to after!).


Reasonably well and really really tired. I don't mind celebrating my birthday more than once at all, so thank you for offering me that opportunity:)


Sounds like a good book. the passage begins calm enough but builds and gets more frantic with nearly each sentence. Do you know if he came back?


I hope the parcel will go into the mail tomorrow. I am off to get it ready when I finish here. Sorry for the delay--I did have it but just didn't have a chance to prepare it for mailing! Your card came today by the way and I will be opening that, too, when I finish here... ;)


Yes, he does come back! For once I really like the stream of consciousness style she uses which works well in this case! She is writing about French workers who chose to go to Germany to work--I can't imagine that! I bet they were not welcomed back with open arms when the war ended!

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