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I remember being shocked by the incident with Kalpana's father when I read this book a couple of years ago. I wasn't expecting that at all!

And such exciting news about the BBC production. I'll be looking forward to it!


Honestly I was a little shocked, too. Nothing really happened but if I was a young woman and a family friend's father came into my room I would feel as awful as Lata did. And of course she couldn't even tell anyone--I am not sure her mother would have believed her--sadly. I am excited about the BBC production, too, and can't wait to see what the cast looks like. It will be fun to have images in mind as I finish reading.

gina in alabama

Exciting news about the BBC adaptation. As a fan of Andrew Davies' work, i am looking forward to seeing what he brings out in his adaptation. There are so many characters too to be brought to life, its going to be much looked forward to! Thanks for sharing! also, did you finish the Jane Smiley trilogy? I might reread Horse Heaven this summer, I loved it some years ago.


He has done some famous ones, hasn't he?! It is going to be a huge undertaking, I agree. The cast is large and even with it being eight parts I am also wondering how they can squeeze so much story in! I have the third book of the trilogy STILL on my reading pile. I think I got up to 1989 or so and then got distracted. I have been thinking about it and want to pick it up again soon to finish. I might, however, have to go back and start at the beginning of the book again.... I am not familiar with Horse Heaven, but then I have not read many of her books at all! Rereads can be a lot of fun--always nice to revisit a story you have enjoyed!

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