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I've been wondering about this one and on your recommendation I've put it on my list at the library.


Very glad to read this as it is waiting for me at the library!


Yes, most definitely worth reading. It lives totally up to the hype!


Enjoy! I think you will like it. I loved the interlinked stories and hope she has a new book in the works.


Yay! It's a good one, isn't it? I read it like a novel and didn't think of it being like short stories at all. I thought the end a bit too neat, but all things considered, it was nice to have it be happy.


It was a very neat ending but I was very happy with it considering all the more difficult moments in the chapters. What were the chances, right? But still all in all very satisfying!


I'm so glad this one really impressed you. I've got this on my shelf and want to get into it!


I loved it and hope you will too! For once I feel like I have read a popular literary novel along with everyone else!

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