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I've read the first two on your list and I think Miss Pym Disposes is Josephine Tey at her best. Laura Lippman and Tess Monaghan are fun, and I think the series gets better and better. A Study in Charlotte sounds books on your lists have a way of doing ;). Glad to hear you're set to "play ball".


I have not read a lot of Josephine Tey, but I have loved each book I have picked up. Did you read The Franchise Affair Definitely a most excellent story. I pulled out the Lippman, but have decided to start with the NF--Wait Till Next Year which is also really good. I was just looking at the sequel (or second in the series?) to A Study in Charlotte--but am dissauding myself from buying it now before I have read the first!!


I'm just re-reading the Tess Monaghan books - I read the first three or four as they came out but then stopped so now I want to go through the series again as I really liked the character (an ex-reporter living above a book shop is just right for me)
I've only just started so Charm City is next in line, maybe it will teach me about baseball, which to my untutored British eye looks like a more complicated version of rounders!

I have a whole series of Josephine Tey's books including Miss Pym Disposes as a bargain book retailer had them for the sort of price it would have been foolish to turn down, but I have yet to read a single one. I have however read the first two of a series which has Josephine Tey as a character acting as detective and found them very enjoyable. They are by Nicola Upson - have you come across them?


Enjoy the Goodwin!


I agree--Tess is a great character--I like her, too. I have only read the first book and that was just a year or so ago, so I have Charm City pulled out and ready to go..though now I am not sure when I will have a chance to start reading again. I have read a few of Lippman's standalones and she is really good with those, too. Yes, ditto for me with the Tey/Upson books. I have most f Tey's books which I really like and very often think of picking up and I have also read the first (just the first in this case) Upson and I am ready to get back to those as well. Such a problem since they all sound so good. AND I keep thinking about Mirabelle Bevans and Elly Griffiths WWII mystery series (or post--WWII maybe it is...) or any of the other series that I have sitting next to my be and there are a LOT of them! :)


Yes, I AM! Thanks!


Yes, The Franchise Affair is a great story. Tey's stand-alone mysteries like Miss Pym Disposes are probably my favorites. She does something very different with each of them, but in none of them does she play ball ;) although there may be a medicine ball in Miss Pym Disposes (but I'm not sure).


The Elly Griffiths series is very good - I think it is set in the 50's although does occasionally have flashbacks to when the two main characters first met during WW2. She is a very good writer and very nice too - I think she is involved in the Harrogate Crime Festival this year but sadly I can't make it to any of the events I would like to attend due to other commitments.

The baseball book sounds wonderful but I am guessing that it is the sort of title that I would have to buy as I doubt it would be in the library! Just have to wait for a while as I am rather spent up at the moment!


I thought it might be post-WWII. I had to have the book right when it came out and look, how many books are out in that series now and I have yet to read the first one! I love reading about the 50s, which is my current interest (and the Kearns Goodwin book is a perfect complement--she is apparently a pretty big name, but if your library has her books they might be the presidential bios rather than this one--still she is well worth owning and I think you would really enjoy this one, too). I would love to go to that crime festival. Isn't that were they announce the CWA nominees?


I think the Franchise Affair is one of my most favorite mysteries ever! I had a feeling there was no actual sports action in Miss Pym, but it seemed at least a little peripherally related. Still want to read it, but first the Goodwin!


There is an award that is decided at the festival but I can't think which one off-hand. It is a huge festival and I have attended events a couple of times but can't this year sadly which is a shame as there are some very good writers attending.

The library has nothing by Doris Kearns Goodwin but the excerpt you quoted appealed to me so much that I went in search of it online and found a very reasonable copy which should be arriving in the next week or so! I know I really shouldn't buy any more books, but I just couldn't resist!


I know that feeling. I keep telling myself to just read from my own piles (or from the many library books I have access to) rather than buying something new, but then you come across something that appeals so much you just have to have it. At least you did try the library first. Sometimes I check out a book but then buy a copy anyway!

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