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By sheer coincidence I have just started reading The Girls and yes it is already quite an unsettling read! I think she has that sort of writing style.


As weird as it sounds and I wouldn't want all my reads to be like this, I sort of like that unsettling aspect of the book. It makes for interesting-going. I was so excited about getting the book and now I feel like I need to finish something and start that as as a reward, but part of me wants to go now and pick it up and join you!


Still haven't got very far with this as other books seem to have louder voices but really must get a move on as it can't be renewed and has to go back at the end of the week - I hate having to take a book back unfinished!


That's the problem with having several books on the go--you can only dip into a few at a time and something will have to wait. Since my reading time has been limited of late, I am not making very good progress on anything at all!


Finished The Girls and can definitely recommend it. Once I got used to her style and occasionally slightly pretentious language ( in my humble opinion anyway!) it was a fascinating portrayal of a time and place and the sense of foreboding as to what was to come was insidious.

Well worth a read but maybe bookend it with some lighter reading!


Now I am even more curious. I have wanted to read it since before I even ordered it (and I even waited for a paperback copy!). But now I have so many really good books in progress that I won't let myself pick it up. Well, I bet I will eventually (sooner than later). Glad to hear you liked it!

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