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Ooh, do tell! Maybe we could "meet" somewhere!


Can't wait to hear.. I always like your summer reading plans. My first idea to answer your question was The Wild West.. something in the painting most likely :).


I am reading Australian lit this summer--hopefully Australian authors with the books set in Australia--if you see something on my list that you have and would like to read (or have another suggestion I am totally open to it) do let me know. It is always fun to read alongside a friend!


I had sort of planned something else but then a couple of books I was reading were set in Australia and they are both really appealing so I thought it would be fun to stay there. Actually the wild west is not too far off from my choice since I think there is that feel to Australia--considering it began as a penal colony. I get the feeling that is a place of independent thinkers and maybe a last chance sort of place (back in the 1800s). I thought that illustration might indeed make a guess a little tricky! ;)

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