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I have only skimmed this post as I've only read the first four of the series and I am desperate to avoid spoilers! Must get back to reading Maisie's adventures as I did enjoy them!


I try not to give spoilers but as the books/story progresses so much happens it is almost impossible not to talk about the story. Lots and lots happens so just read and enjoy. I love the Maisie books and am happy that the story is back on familiar ground. Enjoy!!


Well written review Danielle. And I'm in complete agreement. I've enjoyed the entire series but am happy that Maisie is back to detection work with her friends and co-workers around her.


While reading your review the thought crossed my mind Winspear does in fiction what Geert Mak did in non fiction. Writing about Europe's history in the twentieth century. It sounds like a great story once again. I read the part where you mention Priscilla's children calling her Tante Maisie twice as somehow I couldn't believe my eyes finding a Dutch word in this wonderful review.


I know you like Maisie so I am glad this one turned out to be so good!


I enjoyed your review and agree it's good to have Maisie back with the usual crew in London and Kent. I enjoyed the story of the little evacuee and Maisie's Dad's concern for her as well as the rest of the story. And the decision Maisie makes at the end of the book could lead to interesting places as well. I really want to know what happens next! (Good thing there are lots of other books to read in the meantime ;)


Thank you for the kind words. I have loved all the books (though a couple recent ones were a bit on the dark side). I am excited to see where she goes from here and like the idea of Maisie and Priscilla being ambulance drivers!


Yes, she has had quite a history, has Maisie. Considering the books start pre-WWI and now here we are in 1939! She has covered a lot of ground and often the stories are about whatever events are going on/the history and sociology of the period. But they are also immensely entertaining and I love the various characters. Her friend Priscilla lived in France somewhere after WWI and so her boys were raised partially there--hence their use of Tante--that is very cool, I agree!


Now the wait for a new story. I actually went online to look at see if anything is in the works, but I guess it is still a little bit early yet....


I am glad that the story has moved beyond all the darkness in the previous books and there is hope for something new and room for more opportunities for Maisie--good ones even despite the coming war years. I always wonder if this might ever be adapted to the screen and who would play Maisie! :)


You are so right, Maisie finally seems more at ease. She's still the thoughtful and intelligent woman but she seems easier to get along with. I did enjoy this entry so much and will continue to look forward to her adventures!


It is a relief to get things back to 'normal'. There were a couple of books that were pretty dark that I read with a feeling of apprehension, if you know what I mean! I am looking forward to the next book quite a lot now, too!

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