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It doesn't happen often that I've read all short stories you are writing about. This time though I did as the stories you review are in my copy of The Awakening and Other Stories by Kate Chopin. I liked both Desiree's Baby and The Story of an Hour very much.


Oh, more short stories! (*delight*) I vaguely remember reading The Awakening. I should probably try this one.


It's always nice when that happens--you know just what I am talking about! ;) I really like Kate Chopin and have wanted to read the Awakening again for ages. I had forgotten I had read The Story of an Hour until I was well into it. I am always amazed what a talented short story writer can do in so few pages! So nice to hear from you Cath. I have some cards in an envelope ready to go and will write them out this weekend! :)


Yay. If you have never read Kate Chopin you absolutely have to. She is great. I really loved A Pair of Silk Stockings--so many layers to it. And you can find it easily online, too! Happy reading!


I've got a copy of The Awakening and Other Stories here somewhere...I've read The Awakening, but I don't think I read the stories. Will have to hunt them out and remedy that.


Happy! Mail to look forward too and
I too have a card to you ready to be written tomorrow :).


If you liked The Awakening, I am sure you will also enjoy her short stories. They seem to be paired often with the novel. She is an impressive short story writer and I think I will see if I can find a complete collection of her stories--not sure how many she wrote, or how prolific she was. But many are not very long and so very manageable if you just want a quick story before bed or over coffee.


A card/rather an envelope with several cards is in the mail to you now, too. I am sorry--I was really tired when I wrote them and hope they are not too sloppy and make sense. I will be better at sending them more often!

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