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Arabia Felix is the one that sounds like my kind of book.


You should check it out! NYRBs are such beautiful books and I have always enjoyed (or at least really appreciated) the books I have read on my subscription.


I envy you your NYRB subscription, but I'm already having difficulty keeping up with my monthly audiobooks. So many books, so little time ;)


I completely agree with Readerlane--so many books, so little time. I'm very tempted by the NYRBs, but I am so hopelessly buried by books I want to read already, both ones I already own and one's I've jotted down on my TBR list, that I don't dare subscribe.

I blame you :) hee hee.


There's an indie bookstore here in town that has a fabulous selection of NYRBs. When I saw it, I thought of you! These all look so interesting but in particular I like the description of The Farm In the Green Mountains. Enjoy your selections!


The Farm in the Green Mountains definitely would be one for me as well, I think.
I have been organising/unpacking our books, another box, today again and I am still far away from reading them or any book coming my way, I fear.
Did I tell you we made a wall to wall bookcase in our livingroom?


Every year it is definitely a splurge since you subscribe and pay up front, but I can't resist. Since I know they are coming I do try hard to get as many of them read in as timely a manner as I can, but like you say, so many books and so little time. I used to also do audio books, but I have had to drop a few things, too (and there is still not enough time!).


I am certainly spoiled for choice. I do look forward to these and know that if I by them something else will have to be saved for some other time-I guess all readers have that mental queue they keep referring to. We are all big enablers, aren't we as readers?!!


My favorite used bookstore always has a row of NYRBs sitting out on their display table and I am always so tempted to add a few to my purchasing stack, but I know I already have so many at home that I need to give my attention to--so I totally sympathize. And The Farm in the Green Mountains is quite a delight, so it is one I am thoroughly enjoying.


No, you didn't mention that! Now that alone would have been worthy of all the upheaval and dust of the renovations! So nice to hear you are finally able to unpack and organize--isn't it wonderful and so enjoyable to put them all out as you like them now? The Farm in the Green Mountains is likely to end up on my end of the year favorites list--that is how much I am enjoying it at the moment!

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